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Alternator Repair Kits

This page is our exhaustive list of Alternator Kits & Starter Kits Tips to help you locate a correct one would be Possibly

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Rebuild Kits include quality brand precision electronic components for the automotive, heavy duty and power sports aftermarket and are among the highest quality parts available. All precision electronic components are manufactured to industry standards, including TS 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001. Many component part products are 100 percent ROHS compliant and used in OEM and OES production.

Alternator Starter Rebuild Kits can Include Brushes, Bearing, Rectifier, Bearings, Solenoids or any common fail component for your project. The typical save yourself big 💲 Alternator kit can be installed with 🔧 common tools and make a great option for the do-it-yourself spirit, the self-sustain-er, the ♻ environmentally conscious, and the tinkerer.

Did you get a faulty alternator diagnosis from the part store, a mechanic, or neighbor that you would like to confirm yourself?

There are many issues that can mimic weak or faulty alternator and effect voltage. Check out our Voltage Drop testing page for trouble shooting this possibility. (There have been plenty of mechanics use only dim headlights as a troubleshoot for weak or failing alternator - DOUBLE CHECK!!)

We get returns for units or Alternator Kits because the system was checked with a discharged or bad battery. The battery will COMPLETELY effect running voltage and mimic a failed alternator (Bad cable connections too) Find more about the effect of battery condition to running voltage here