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1990-94 Eclipse 1.8L Alternator Kit

Alternator Rebuild Kit for 1990-1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1.8L, Eagle Talon 1.8L  Regulator Brushes Bearings - 13332RK
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Product Description

Alternator Repair Rebuild Kit
Voltage Regulator with Brushes and Bearings

  • Premium Quality HD Voltage Regulator with Brushes S-L Terminals, 14.5 Voltage Set Point, replaces # Hyundai 37370-32500, 37370-35020, Mitsubishi 05270, A866X05270, A866X05272, A866X09070, A866X09071, A866X09072, A866X09770, A866X09771, A866X09780, A866X09782, A866X12472, Mitsubishi Motors MD611432, MD611565, MD611588, MD611710, Nissan, Infiniti 23125-04P10, 23215-04P10, Original Reference Number 09770, 09780, 09782 Other #s IM217, 230-48013, AMT6008, 230-48071, VRH2009-6
  • NTN 54200 Bearing 15mm ID x 42mm OD x 13mm W, Ref#S Mitsubishi S930P35570, S930P35670, S930P36070, S930P62670, S930P80870, MD602418, MD607200, MD611343, MM502264
  • WBD 52310 Bearing 8mm ID x 23mm OD x 11mm W, with retaining ring, Ref#S Mitsubishi S930P17970, S930P61370, MD611150
  • WBD 54712 Bearing 15mm ID x 47mm OD x 14mm W Ref#S Mitsubishi S5930R63070, S930P31170, MD611397, MD618680
  • ***Note: Includes 3 Bearings in the kit to assure proper fit with the different series units used for the application. Match the 2 Bearings needed for your build. Thank You!


Dodge Colt L4 1.8L 1989-1990
Eagle Talon L4 1.8L 1993-1994
Mitsubishi Eclipse L4 1.8L 1990-1994
Plymouth Laser L4 1.8L 1990-1994

Unit #s

Chrysler MD117156, MD125096, MD140247, Mitsubishi A002T07292, A002T07292A, A002T09691, A002T09792, A002T09792ZC, A002T17692, A002T48791, A002T48791ZC, A00T48791ZC, Mitsubishi Motors M102088D, MD102088, MD116418, MD117156, MD125096, MD140247, Valeo 437684, TA000A47001, TA000A47002

Other: 13197, 13332, 13197RK, 13332RK
newaltaeccol 52310 54200 54712 7303309 9801300 79033018 w11591 w11528 w115129 77033019 80033002 6903904 70031470 710310 72038320