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1992-1997 Ford F250 w/ Ford 130A Alternator Kit

Alternator Rebuild Kit 1992-1997 Ford F250 with Ford 130 Amp Alternator
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Product Description


Alternator Repair / Rebuild Kit With Voltage Regulator, Bearings, Brushes

  • Voltage Regulator with Brushes, Terminals: I-S-A Terminals, 14.6 Voltage set point, Replacing Ford VP4L2U-10316-AA Other F794B
  • with Brush Holder Assembly with Brushes, Replacing F1DU-10260-AA, F1DZ-10347-A, GB320 - 39-207
  • Premium Quality Bearing 52604 17x40x12mm 6000LU, Replacing Ford F1DU10A304AA -- 6-100-84W
  • Premium Quality Bearing 54700 17x47x14mm 6303-2RS, Replacing F0JY10A303A --6-303-4N


130 Amp 3G Option on these models
For Following Models with Ford 130 Amp 3G Type Alternator
Ford Truck
F-250 V8 7.3L Diesel; w/Turbo 1994-1997
F-350 V8 7.3L Diesel; w/Turbo 1994-1997
Explorer V6 4.0L OHV 1991-2001
F Super Duty V8 7.3L VIN M 1992-1994
F-150 V6 4.2L 1997-2003
F-150 Heritage V6 4.2L 2004
Ranger V6 4.0L 1996-2001
F59 V8 7.3L 445cid 1992-1997
Ford Van
E150 E250 E350 E450 E550 Econoline 1992-2003
Mazda Truck
B2300 L4 2.3L 2003
B2500 L4 2.5L 1998-2001
B3000 V6 3.0L 2000-2005
B4000 V6 4.0L 1998-2003

Unit #s

Ford F2PU-10346-AF, F2TU-10346-AE, F37U-10300-AA, F3UU-10300-AE, F3UU-10300-AF, F3UZ-10346-A, F3UZ-10346-ARM, F3UZ-10346-ARM1, F3UZ-10346-ARM2, F6UU-10300-CA, F37U-AA, F3UU-AE, F3UU-AF, F6UU-CA, Ford 6L5T-10300-BA, 6L5Z-10346-BA, 6L5Z-10V346-BBRM1, DU2Z10V346BBRM2, F2TU-10300-AF, F6PU-10346-VA, F6UU-10300-FA, F6UZ-10346-VA, F6UZ-10346-VARM, F6UZ-10346-VARM1, F6UZ-10346-VARM3, F6UZ-10346-VBRM4, F85U-10300-AA, F85U-10300-AB, F85U-10300-DB, F85Z-10346-DA, XL3U-10300-CA, XL3U-10300-CB, 6L5T-BA, F2TU-AF, F6UU-FA, F85U-AA, F85U-AB, XL3U-CA, XL3U-CB, Mazda 1F71-18-300A, 1F71-18-300R0A, ZZM2-18-300, ZZM2-18-300A, ZZM2-18-300B, ZZM2-18-300R0B, F71-18-300R-0B, Visteon AE, AV

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