2005-07 Focus Alternator Kit

Alternator Rebuild Kit for 2005-2007 Ford Focus A/T Federal Emission  Regulator, Bearings, & Brushes - 8406RK
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Alternator Repair / Rebuild Kit With Voltage Regulator, Bearings, Brushes
  • Voltage Regulator with Brushes A-Circuit, AS-RC-LI Terminals, 14.0 Default Voltage Set, Regulation Voltage controlled by vehicle PCM (PWM signal input to RC-terminal). LI-terminal output provides feedback to vehicle PCM. Vehicle indicator lamp is fully controlled by the vehicle PCM. Replaces Ford VP4F1U-10C359-AA, VP4L3U-10C359-AA, 4L3U-10C359-AA, 7L4E-10C359-AA, VP4F1U-10C359-AA, VP4L3U-10C359-AA early original is white body regulator w/ blue cover then transitioned to white with grey cover. Other F601HD, F601, ALT-C160, T902
  • Premium NTN Brand Bearing 6303-2RS 17x47x14mm Ref# 54700, F0JY10A303A,
  • Premium WBD Brand Bearing 10-1051-4W 10x27x11mm Ref# 52711, F8WU10A304AA, B10-50T1XDDCG19-01, 5-2711, 52711, ALT-C163


With A/T; Without PZEV Spec; with Federal Emmissions
Ford Focus L4 2.0L 2005-2007
Ford Focus L4 2.0L 2005-2007
Ford Focus L4 2.3L 2007

Unit #s

Ford 4S4T-10300-AC, 4S4Z-10346-AB, 5S4T-10300-AB, 5S4T-10300-AC, 5S4Z-10346-A, 6S4T-10300-AD, 6S4Z-10346-AA, 6S4Z-10V346-ABRM, 6S4Z-10V346-BBRM, 6S4Z-10V346-BCRM, 6U2Z-10V346-CARM, 7S4T-10300-AA, 7S4Z-10346-A, 7S4Z-10346-AARM, Ford Engineering 4S4T-AC, 5S4T-AB, 5S4T-AC, 6S4T-AD, 7S4T-AA, RM6U2J-10D309-FC, RM6U2J-10D309-JC, Visteon HF, HH

Other 8406
Alternator Rebuild Parts for 2005-2007 Ford Focus A/T Federal Emmission //Bearings 52711 54700 Cap 84505009 Cover 84505010 Frame, DE 76505230 Frame, SRE 75505215 Harness, Repair 98505013 Nut 95001460 95001508 Plug Harness Connector 9801337 Pulley 79502254A Rectifier 77502531 77502532 Regulator & Brushes 8050522A Brush Set 7350517 Harness, Repair 98505013 Spring, Brush 94505004 Repair Kit, Str 69501059 Retainer, Bearing 8550503 Rotor 70502935 Slip Ring 7150514 Screw 96505013 96505014 Spring, Brush 94505004 Stator 72506712 Terminal, Battery 96505624 96505644 Thru Bolt 96505015 Tolerance Ring 8550500