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Voltage Regulator Brushes Bearing Kit Edge Fusion Flex Taurus...

Alternator Rebuild kit 2010-12 Fusion, 2009-12 Escape, 2011-14 Expedition &more Regulator, Brushes, Bearing Kit
Item #:IM622RK
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Product Description

Alternator Repair Rebuild Kit

  • **Voltage Regulator with Brushes replaces # Mitsubishi 6224Y12N, 6224Z04A, 62259204-01432 Other: IM622
  • 6303-2RS 54700 Bearing 17X47X14mm 
  • SC8A05LHI 52312 Bearing 8X23X14mm

**AS-RC-LI Terminals, 14 Voltage Set Point, Field Short Circuit Protected, RC or Stator Activated, Regulation is Controlled by Vehicle PCM, Thermal Load Protection; Other Ref# M622, 230-48137, AMT6113, W085-328, 8003-3133, VRH2009-140


Models/ Applications
Must also cross reference to the Unit #. There are options on many of these models that could prevent compatibility. To ensure fitment please see the Unit # s Below

Ford Car
Focus L4 2.0L 2008-2011
Fusion L4 2.5L 2010-2012
Fusion V6 3.0L 2010-2012
Taurus V6 3.5L 2010
Taurus V6 3.5L w/Turbo 2010-2013
Taurus X V6 3.5L 2008-2009
Ford Truck
Edge V6 3.7L 2011-2014
Escape L4 2.5L 2009-2012
Escape V6 3.0L 2009-2012
Expedition V8 5.4L 2011-2014
Explorer V6 3.5L 2011-2012
F-450 Super Duty V10 6.8L 2013-2015
F-550 Super Duty V10 6.8L 2013-2015
F53 V10 6.8L 2015-2016
Flex V6 3.5L 2009-2013
Ford Van
Transit Connect L4 2.0L 2010-2013
Lincoln Car
MKS V6 3.5L 2010-2012
MKS V6 3.7L 2009-2013
Lincoln Truck
Navigator V8 5.4L 2011-2014
MKT V6 3.5L 2010-2012
MKT V6 3.7L 2010-2012
MKX V6 3.7L 2011-2014
Mazda Truck
Tribute L4 2.5L 2009-2011
Tribute V6 3.0L 2009-2011
Mercury Car
Milan L4 2.5L 2010
Milan V6 3.0L 2010-2011
Mercury Truck
Mariner L4 2.5L 2009-2011
Mariner V6 3.0L 2009-2011

Unit #s

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and Factory Unit #s

Ford 8S4T-10300-AA, 8S4T-10300-AC, 8S4Z-10346-A, 8S4T-AA, 8A4T-10300-AC, 8A4Z-10346-A, 8A4T-AC, 9L8T-10300-AB, 9L8T-10300-AC, 9L8Z-10300-A, 9L8Z-10346-A, BE5T-10300-AA, 9L8T-AB, 9E5T-10300-BA, 9E5T-10300-BB, 9E5Z-10346-A, 9R5T-10300-BB, FU2Z-10V346-BRM, BL1T-10300-BA, BL1T-10300-BB, BL1Z-10346-A, AA5T-10300-BA, AA5T-10300-BB, AA5Z-10346-B, 3M5T-AA, AA5T-BB, AA5Z-B, DG1T-10300-CA, DG1Z-10346-A
Mazda ZZC7-18-300
Mitsubishi A002TX0191, A2TX0191, A003TX0091, A003TX0091ZC, A3TX0091, A002TX0391, A002TX0391ZC, A2TX0391, A2TX0391ZC, A002TX1691, A002TX1691ZC, A2TX1691, A003TX0692, A003TX0692ZC, A3TX0692, A3TX0692ZC, A004TX0091, A004TX0091ZC, A4TX0091, A4TX0091ZC, A003TX1291, A003TX1291ZC, A3TX1291ZC, A3TX1291
Motorcraft GL-934, GL-933, GL-951, GL-980, GL-990, Gl-1002, GL-8664

Other: 11271, 11272, 11411, 11542, 11684, 12878