New Slip Rings for Mitsubishi Alternators 13.5mm ID x 22.7mm OD  - 710312

New Slip Rings for Mitsubishi Alternators 13.5mm ID x 22.7mm OD - 710312

Item #:710312
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Product Description

Mitsubishi Alternator Slip Ring Dimensions /Notes
13.5mm ID x 22.7mm OD / Overall Diameter:46.7mm / 1.839in (Overall Diameter Includes Leads) : Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Eagle, Ford, Geo, Honda, Infiniti, Mazda, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Plymouth, Subaru, Suzuki

Replaces #
AD-0878, AD-0889, 313-48001, MT1-3502, 28-83003, W165-10, 28-83852

OE Unit # Where Used

CHRYSLER 04801323AB, 04801323AC, 04801323AD, 4609075, 4609101, 4609125, 4609131AA, 4609300, 4609300AC, 4609320, 4661998, 4671041, 4686106, 4793189, 4793190, 4793692, 4793692AB, 4794222AA, 4794222AB, 4794222AC, 4794222AD, 4801323AB, 4801323AC, 4801323AD, 4868402AA, 4869900AB, 4869900AC, 5033054AB, 5033177AA, 5033177AB, 5033253AA, 5033343AA, 6E5T-10300-AB, 6E5T-10300-AD, 6E5T-10300-BA, 6E5T-10300-BD, 6E5Z-10346-AA, 6E5Z-10346-BA, 7E5T-10300-AA, 7E5T-10300-BA, 7E5T-10300-BB, A4A2FB0191, F1CZ-10346-A, F1CZ-10346-B, F1CZ-10346-C, F32Z-10346-A, F32Z-10346-B, F3XA-10300-AB, F3XA-10300-AC, F3XY-10346-A, F4BZ-10346-A, F6XA-10300-AA, F6XA-10300-AB, F6XZ-10346-AA, F8XA-10300-AA, F8XZ-10346-AA, SBA18504-6320, XF52-10300-AC, XF5Z-10346-AA, 31100-P05-C02, 31100-P08-024, 31100-P0G-A02, 31100-P0G-A03, 31100-P2E-A01, 31100-P2E-A02, 31100-P2F-C01, 31100-P2F-C02, 31100-PEJ-004, 31100-PLM-A01, 31100-PLM-A02, 31100-PND-004, 31100-RNA-A01, 31100-RNA-A012-M2, AHGA09, AHGA18, AHGA18, AHGA21, AHGA24, AHGA25, AHGA27, AHGA35, AHGA39, AHGA44, AHGA50, AHGA55, AHGA67, MAZDA AJ51-18-300, AJ57-18-300A, AJ57-18-300B, B366-18-300G, B366-18-300H, B61P-18-300, B61P-18-300E, B64J-18-300A, B64J-18-300B, B66S-18-300C, B6BF-18-300, BP02-18-300A, BPE8-18-300, FP34-18-300A, FP34-18-300B, FP34-18-300C, FS05-18-300, FS11-18-300A, FS11-18-300B, FS1G-18-300, FS1G-18-300A, FS64-18-300, GY01-18-300E, GY01-18-300J, GY01-18-W9XA, JE48-18-300C, K801-18-300B, K801-18-300C, KL11-18-300C, KL11-18-300D, KL11-18-300E, L3M6-18-300A, L3M6-18-300B, L3P9-18-300A, L3P9-18-300B, L3P9-18-300C, L813-18-300, LF18-18-300, LF50-18-300, LF50-18-300A, LFY8-18-300R, MB3C7-18-300B, N3A1-18-300A, N3H1-18-300A, N3H1-18-300B, S5SN-18-300, S5SN-18-300A, Z505-18-300A, Z599-18-300A, Z599-18-300C, Z5A1-18-300, MITSUBISHI A007TA3377, A2T27993, A2T29594, A2T33191, A2T33191A, A2T33593, A2T33593A, A2T33593B, A2T33593C, A2T33891, A2T33892, A2T33991, A2T34471, A2T34477, A2T34692, A2T34692A, A2T34692B, A2T35177, A2T35277, A2T37791B, A2T38391, A2T38892, A2T39091, A2T39391, A2T40092, A2T48292, A2T48298, A2T80391, A2T80491, A2T80891, A2T81192, A2T81192ZC, A2T81291, A2T81291ZC, A2T81292, A2T81391, A2T81791, A2T82491, A2T82491A, A2T82791, A2T82791ZC, A2T82792, A2T82792ZC, A2TA0891, A2TA0892, A2TA0892ZC, A2TA2191, A2TA3791, A2TA3991, A2TA4091, A2TA4091A, A2TA4092A, A2TA4991, A2TA5391, A2TA5392, A2TA5393, A2TA5393ZC, A2TA5891, A2TA7491, A2TA7691, A2TB0091, A2TB0191, A2TB0491, A2TB0491A, A2TB0892, A2TB1091A, A2TB1091B, A2TB1491, A2TB1491ZC, A2TB2391, A2TB2791, A2TB2791ZC, A2TB2891, A2TB2891ZC, A2TB2991, A2TB3891, A2TB4691, A2TB5791, A2TB5791ZC, A2TB5891, A2TB5891AC, A2TB5891ZC, A2TB7391, A2TB7591, A2TC1391, A2TG0191, A2TG0191ZC, A2TG0391, A2TG0491, A2TG0491ZC, A2TG0691, A2TG0791, A2TG0791ZC, A2TJ0391, A2TJ0391A, A2TJ0391B, A2TJ0391C, A2TJ0481, A2TJ0481ZC, A3T07592, A3T08491, A3T08491ZC, A3T08591, A3T08891, A3T12291, A3T12291A, A3T12491, A3T14292, A3TA0791A, A3TA1091, A3TA1091ZC, A3TA2291, A3TA4091, A3TA4191, A3TA4191ZC, A3TA5691, A3TA7691, A3TA7692, A3TA7891, A3TA7991, A3TB1081, A3TB1081A, A3TB1081B, A3TB1691, A3TB1691ZC, A3TB1791, A3TB1891, A3TB2291, A3TB2291ZC, A3TB2491, A3TB2492, A3TB3491, A3TB3491ZC, A3TB3991, A3TB4291, A3TB5291, A3TB5291ZC, A3TB5491, A3TB6491, A3TG0081, A3TG0091, A3TG0091A, A3TG0191, A3TG0391, A3TG1192, A3TG1291A, A3TG1291B, A3TG1391A, A3TG1581, A3TG2192, A3TG2192AC, A3TG2192ZC, A3TG2291, A3TG2391, A3TG2391ZC, A3TG4891, A3TG4891AC, A3TG4891ZC, A3TJ0191, A3TJ0291, A3TJ0381, A3TJ0381ZC, A3TJ0891, A3TJ0891ZC, A3TJ0991, A3TJ0991ZC, A3TJ1181, A4T01192, A4T01192ZC, A4T02591, A4T02591ZC, A5T01977, A5T03677, A5T03777, A5T04192, A5T05091, A5T06391, A5T06391ZC, A5T07091, A5T07091A, A5T07091ZC, A5TA0291, A5TA0391, A5TA0991, A5TA0991ZC, A5TA0992, A5TA1191, A5TA1191ZC, A5TA1891, A5TA3591, A5TA3891, A5TA3891A, A5TA3891B, A5TA3891ZC, A5TA4291, A5TA4291BC, A5TA4291ZC, A5TA4591, A5TA4891, A5TA4891ZC, A5TA5491, A5TA7091, A5TA7091ZC, A7T02071, A7T02071A, A7T02071C, A7T02077, A7T02077A, A7T02077C, A7T03277, A7T03277A, A7T03371, A7T03371A, A7T03371AC, A7T03877, A7TA3377, NISSAN 23100-0B000, 23100-0M810, 23100-0P513, 23100-0P515, 23100-0P516, 23100-1B000, 23100-2J010, 23100-2J011, 23100-47R10, 23100-47R11, 23100-4M610, 23100-4M611, 23100-50K10, 23100-5V410, 23100-6J111, 23100-6J112, 23100-70T13, 23100-7B000, 23100-85L10, 23100-9F511, 23100-AM610, 23100-CD010, 23100-CR910, 23100-D4410, 23100-D4415, 23100-D4490, 23100-FU410, SUBARU 23700-AA190, 23700-AA202, 23700-AA290, 23700-AA370, 23700-AA37A, 23700-AA390, 23700-AA401, 23700-AA540, 23700-AA55A SUZUKI 31400-60A21, 31400-65D00, 31400-65D01, 31400-65D02, 31400-66D00, 31400-66D01, 31400-66D20

Maniac #'s

11004, 11005, 11006, 11007, 11008, 11024, 11025, 11028, 11029, 11051, 11052, 11053, 11055, 11056, 11057, 11058, 11095, 11096, 11097, 11102, 11115, 11118, 11168, 11169, 11170, 11172, 11173, 11176, 11230, 11231, 12077, 12136, 12138, 12558, 12562, 12566, 12567, 13227, 13330, 13336, 13350, 13406, 13432, 13445, 13446, 13450, 13451, 13460, 13473, 13478, 13479, 13511, 13523, 13559, 13574, 13575, 13577, 13580, 13582, 13584, 13585, 13586, 13587, 13595, 13596, 13597, 13614, 13648, 13649, 13692, 13700, 13716, 13717, 13718, 13719, 13723, 13735, 13749, 13751, 13752, 13762, 13764, 13780, 13781, 13784, 13787, 13820, 13821, 13840, 13883, 13886, 13888, 13889, 13892, 13893, 13898, 13929, 13955, 13966, 13995, 13996, 14243, 14720, 21155

Starters & Alternators that may interchange may have different internal components. Please match your Starter or Alternator to the 'Unit Nos' from the above chart to insure proper fit of your component part. Also use measurements provided to compare proper fit.

All component parts must be verified through description and/or cross reference before purchase. No returns on component parts. Exchanges only for like item during the 1 year warranty. You will not be responsible for errors in our listing. If you believe there is an error in our listing and need to return your component part please email pictures of your unit and picture including manufacturer number for a return authorization #.

Order the complete unit if unsure on how to install component part. We can not provide technical assistance for your rebuilding project.



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