Alternator Kit; Brushes Bearings 2003-2006 Durango Ram 3.7L 4.7L with 132 Amp Bosch (0124525002, 6004ML0000, 6004ML0005) - 13916RK

0124525002 Alternator Kit

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Alternator Kit; Brushes, Bearing Kit

  • Quality WBD Bearing 55224 17mmX52mmX17mm 10-3043-4W
  • Quality NTN Bearing 53507 17mmX35mmX10mm 6003-2RS
  • Brush Holder Assembly and Brushes replacing 6004MR0000, F00M145250


Verify Compatibility from the Unit # TAB. These Models could have options for the Alternator and must match up to the 132 Amp Bosch or Chrysler Unit # number below. Thank You

Dodge Truck
Durango V6 3.7L 2004
Durango V8 4.7L 2003-2006
Ram 1500 V6 3.7L 2002-2006
Ram 1500 V8 4.7L 2004-2006
Jeep Truck
Grand Cherokee V8 4.7L 2004

NON-American Market vehicles use 'unit #s' section to verify Component fitment. Thank You

Unit #s

Bosch 0124525002, 6004ML0000, 6004ML0005,
Chrysler 05015066AA, 56028241, 56041120, 56041120AB, 56041120AC

Other: 13916

Alternator 132 Amp Bosch Type for 2003-2006 Durango Ram 1500 3.7L 4.7L (replacing 0124525002, 6004ML0000, 6004ML0005) - 13916
NTN, 6003-2RS, Double Sealed Bearing 17mm X 35mm X 10mm - 53507
Bearing 6203-2RS, 17mm ID X 40mm OD X 12mm W - 54000
Quality WBD Double Sealed Bearing  17mm x 52mm x 17mm  - 55224
Alternator / Starter Bearing (6-101-4, 6001) 12x28x8mm - 52802
Brush Holder Assembly for Bosch 6004MR0000, F00M145250, F00M145426, F00M145477 Bosch External Regulated Alternators for Chrysler Dodge Jeep,  - 80201240
Alternator Connector Plug Pigtail Harness Dodge Jeep Chrysler (F1 F2) Plug Code 363 -  9801363
Bosch 12 Volt 132-136A ER/IF Rectifier-77201117
Bosch Bearing Retainer-85200002
Bosch Alternator 12 Volt Rotor/Armatuer 110-120 Amp 159mm Overall Length-7020429
M4-0.7 X 18mm Long Phillips Round Head Alternator Screw, Bolt F00M990053 -9620111
Alternator Rectifier Attaching Screw, M5-0.8, 22mm L, Phillips Round Washer Head (QTY 3)- 9620119
New Slip Ring for Bosch Alternators used on BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Volvo ... -7120202
Bosch Alternator Bearing Tolerance Ring 35mm ID, 38mm OD, 50.2mm W - 92202019
Bosch Alternator Washer (QTY 2), Lock, Concave, 16.3mm ID, 27.8mm OD, 1.8mm Thick (1120150008) - 97202023
Bosch SRE Housing Alternator Cover/Shield-8420103
M4-0.7 X 18mm Long Phillips Round Head Alternator Screw, Bolt F00M990053 -9620111


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