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Regulator, Brushes, Bearings Pathfinder

Alternator Rebuild Kit for 2001-2002 Nissan Pathfinder 2001-2002 Infiniti QX4 - 13900RK
Item #:13900RK
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Product Description

Alternator Rebuild Kit

  • Voltage Regulator with Brushes, S-L Terminals, 14.4 Voltage Set Point ref# IH744, 80041550, 8004-1550, W085-202, 230-44067, AHI6062, VRH2000-62
  • Quality NTN Bearing 6303-2RS 17x47x14mm ref# 6303BM, 6303G, 6303TF, 6-303-4N - 54700
  • Quality WBD Bearing B10-50D 10x27x11mm Ref# 6000G, 6000HL, 6000TR, 10-1050-4 - 52710
  • Quality NTN Bearing 6001-2RS 12x28x8mm ref# 2130-2302, 6-101-4N - 52802
  • Alternator Plastic Baffle for Hitachi Late model 110 Amp - W115158


Verify Compatibility from the Interchange TAB. These Models could have options for the Alternator and must match up to the Nissan Infiniti or Hitachi # number. Thank You

Infiniti QX4 V6 3.5L 2001-2002
Nissan Pathfinder V6 3.5L 2001-2002

NON-American Market vehicles use 'unit #s' section to verify Component fitment. Thank You

Unit #s

Hitachi LR1110-712, LR1110712, LR1110712AM, LR1110712R, Nissan, Infiniti 23100-2W400, 23100-3W400, 23100-3W400R, 231003W400 Other: 13900
Alternator Parts List for // Bearings 54700 52710 52802, Brush Holder Assembly 73042412, Pigtail Harness Repair Lead 9801300, Slip Ring 710413, Diodes w04504 w04505, Insulator 92044000, Voltage Regulator Brushes 80041550, Rectifier 77041539, Rotor 7004463, Stator 72049111, Battery Terminal Repair 9604300, Hardware w115109 w115115 w115145, Baffle w115158, w11594 w11597