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Alternator Rebuild Kit 1997-2001 Mazda Protege with Mitsubishi 70 Amp Alternator

1997-2001 Protege Alternator Kit

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Product Description


Alternator Repair Rebuild Kit
Notes / Dimensions / Contents :

  • **P-D Voltage Regulator with Brushes replaces # Mazda Z599-18-W70, Mitsubishi 345, A866X34572, A866X35472 
  • 54700 Bearing 17 X 47 X 14mm 
  • 52312 Bearing 8 X 23 X 14mm

**NOT a traditional regulator, but a field control unit that works with the vehicle's computer (PCM) to control the voltage and output. Traditional test methods will immediately damage D-P Type regulators. To Avoid P-D Regulator Damage Consult Your Test Equipment Manufacturer for the Proper Procedure for Testing P-D Type Regulators


Repair Kit works for 70 Amp Mitsubishi Alternator
seen on these Models

1997 Kia Sephia L4 1.8L
1997-1998 Mazda Protege L4 1.5L
1999-2001 Mazda Protege L4 1.6L
1997-1998 Mazda Protege L4 1.8L

This Kit includes common fail items for an alternator, but please verify the fault in your alternator before purchase of kit. No returns for kit items, only exchanges for kit items within the 1 year warranty. Thank You!

Unit #s

OEM Unit Numbers Kia MZ599-18-300A Mazda Z599-18-300A, Z599-18-300C, Z599-18-300R, Z599-18-300R, Z5A1-18-300 Mitsubishi A002TB0091, A002TB0091A, A002TB0091B, A002TB2391 Mitsubishi Sales A2TB0091, A2TB0091A, A2TB0091B, A2TB2391  Other: 13718

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