Rebuilding Repairing and Hardware for your Denso Alternator

How to Repair Rebuild Your Denso Alternator for Many Toyota's Honda's Chrysler's

All the credit here to Richards EPIC Waistland! This is a livestream cell phone pro. I have been wanting to make, edit, publish and post 'how to rebuild your alternator' videos for years. This video shows an easy Regulator Brush Swap for Denso Internally Regulated Internal Fan series alternator. Below the Video you can find links to the common hardware for these alternators.

This page has come much later than hoped. My desire to make some sort of perfect video series and get the best video camera and learn how to slice, dice, edit, voice over with the right software and present a great how-to video that inspires the Do-It-Yourself spirit. Providing helpful information and not waiting for some desired skill to master is more worthy. And learning in down-to-earth cell phone stream is inspiring!

Three or five years of thinking this, I find Richards Waistland who takes his phone and livestreams my video! I love it. I still want to have a cool camera and learn the cool software, and do anything that helps you guys make an informed purchase.

Enjoy Richard's version of "25 bucks is better than 300" And the commutator that he used the 800 grit sand paper to smooth out is what I call slipring if anyone needs to look this up. See below for popular hardware that fits all this style Denso Alternator. And of course any questions Please ask - Submit to comments below or here at the Contact Page. Thank You!!