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2003-05 Town Car Alternator Kit

Alternator Rebuild Kit for 2003-2005 Crown Victoria Town Car Grand Marquis  - 8313RK
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Product Description


Alternator Repair / Rebuild Kit With Voltage Regulator, Bearings, Brushes.
This kit includes common fail items of the alternator. Other component failures are possible and must be first checked to know if these kit items will properly repair unit. ***NOTE Does NOT include tools / instructions

  • Voltage Regulator with Brushes, Terminals: Load (LI) - ECM Signal (RC) -Battery Sense (AS), PCM controlled regulation voltage, Replacing Ford F7RU-10C359-AA, YF1U-10C359-AA, F7RU10C359AA, VP3F1U10C359AA, VP6L8U10C359, VP6L8U10C359AA, YF1U10C359AA Other F797HD, 230-14046, 230-14063, GR820, GR822, T816, F08-23 --F797
  • Rectifier Bridge with 8 Heavy Duty 50A press-fit avalanche diodes, OE validated, 133mm Diameter, 6mm B+ Post Terminal --FR3003
  • Quality WBD Bearing 54002 17x40x12mm 6203-2HRLD, Replacing Ford F5OU-10A304-AA, F8DU-10A304-AA, Visteon ALT-C-128 -- 6-203-84W
  • Quality NTN Bearing 54700 17x47x14mm 6303-2RS, Replacing F0JY10A303A --6-303-4N
  • Slip Rings 6.0mm ID x 16.0mm OD x 34mm LL Replacing Ford F5OU-10328-BA, Visteon ALT-C-118 --28-2857


Ford Crown Victoria V8 4.6L 2003-2004 Except Police Package, 4G 130 Amp
Ford Grand Marquis V8 4.6L 2003-2004
Lincoln Town Car V8 4.6L 2003-2005 Except Police Package, 4G 130 Amp
Mercury Grand Marquis V8 4.6L 2003-2004

Unit #s

Ford 3W1U-10300-AA, 3W1U-10300-AB, 3W1Z-10346-AA, 3W1Z-10346-AARM, 3W1Z-10V346-AARM, 3W1Z-10V346-ABRM, 4U2Z-10V346-ABRM, 3W1U10300AA, 3W1U10300AB, 3W1Z10346AA, GL526, GL943, GLV8526RM, 3W1U-AA, 3W1U-AB, RM4U2J-10D309-GC, Visteon GC

Other: 8313
Alternator for 2003-2004 Crown Victoria Town Car Grand Marquis 130 Amp 4G Type (Replacing 2F1U-BA, 2F1U-BB) Bearings 54002 54700 Cover 84505100 Frame, DE 76505223 Frame, SRE 75505213 Harness, Repair 98505002 Nut 95001508 Plug Connector 9801339 Pulley 79502263 Rectifier 77502525 Regulator & Brushes 8050518 Brush, Alt 7350515 Spring, Brush 94505005 Repair Kit 69501057 Retainer 8550504 Rotor 70502934 Slip Ring 7150512 Screw 96505014 96505016 Stator 72506726 Thru Bolt 96505017