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Alternator Rebuild Kit for 115 Amp 2007-2012 Dodge Caliber Sebring 4 Cylinder & more (A2TJ0481) - 11231RK

Brushes Bearing Kit Caliber

Item #:11231RK
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Product Description


All New Manufactured Parts Meeting Original Specifications;
Alternator Rebuild Repair Kit

  • Quality NTN Bearing 6303-2RS 17mmX47mmX14mm ref# 6303BM, 6303G, 6303TF
  • Quality NTN Bearing B8-23D 8mmX23mmX14mm ref# SC8A05LHI, S930P18570, S930P63605, S930P63670
  • Brushes with Brush Holder replacing A649D92971 Includes Capacitor - 


For the following models with 115 Amp Mitsubishi Style (See 'Unit #' to Verify)

Chrysler 200 L4 2.4L 2011-2013
Chrysler Sebring L4 2.4L 2007-2010
Dodge Avenger L4 2.4L 2008-2013
Dodge Caliber L4 1.8L 2007-2009
Dodge Caliber L4 2.0L 2007-2012
Dodge Caliber L4 2.4L 2007-2011
Jeep Compass L4 2.0L 2007-2017
Jeep Compass L4 2.4L 2007-2017
Jeep Patriot L4 2.0L 2007-2017
Jeep Patriot L4 2.4L 2007-2017

Unit #

Component Parts fit for these Mitsubishi Alternator #s
Chrysler 04801323AB, 04801323AC, 04801323AD, 4801323AB, 4801323AC, 4801323AD, 4801323AK
Mitsubishi A002TJ0481, A002TJ0481ZC, A002TJ0481ZD, A2TJ0481, A2TJ0481ZC, A2TJ0481ZD

Other 11231

Alternator for 2007-2012 Dodge Caliber Sebring 2.4L & more (115 AMP, A002TJ0481, A2TJ0481)  - 11231
Alternator Ball Bearing NTN 17x47x14mm 6303-2RS - 54700
Alternator Bearing with Retainer 8mm ID x 23mm OD x 11mm Wide - 52310
Alternator / Starter Bearing (6-101-4, 6001) 12x28x8mm - 52802
Alternator Terminal Block with Brushes Replacing Mitsubishi A649D92971 for A002TJ0481ZC, A002TJ0481ZD, A003TJ2581ZC,  A003TJ1881ZC - 74033002
10 Brushes for Mitsubishi Alternators 5mm x 8mm x 23mm -7303305
6 Groove Clutch Pulley for Patriot Compass ...    21mm Belt x 53mm Rib OD x 17mm Bore x M17 Threads - 79032287C
Alternator Decoupler Pulley for Jeep Dodge, 6 Grrove Ref#s INA 535028110, Litens 920810  - 79032287
2 Terminal: F1 Sense W/R Alternator Pigtail/Repair Harness-9801378
Alternator Rectifier Assembly for Mitsubishgi A860X93170  - 77033161
Alternator Rotor, 12 Volt, 75-90 Amp for Mitsubishi    (A880X68970, MD618782) - 70031039
New Slip Rings for Mitsubishi Alternators 13.5mm ID x 22.7mm OD  - 710312


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