BMW M5 M6 Alternator Kit

Alternator Repair Kit 2006-2010 BMW M5 M6 335d, Valeo Brand Regulator 599101 with Brushes, Bearings - 11262OERK
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Product Description


All Original Equipment Manufactured Parts;
Alternator Rebuild Repair Kit

  • OEM Valeo Brand Voltage Regulator with Brushes Referencing 599101, 591901, 593796, 595200 Terminals 'COM' 'D', Voltage set point and Regulation mode is controlled by vehicle computer, B Circuit
  • Drive End Bearing 6303-2RS 17x47x14mm 593563
  • SRE Housing Bearing 6202DWS 15x35x11mm 593684
  • Tolerance Bearing Cap

**Does not include Clutch Pulley or tools required for repair


These models may have optional units that have different components. If your vehicle is listed you must also verify fit with matching your alternator manufacturer label number to one under unit #'s listed. Thank You!

335d L6 3.0L 2009-2011
335i L6 3.0L Diesel 2009-2010
M5 V10 5.0L 2006-2010
M6 V10 5.0L 2006-2010

**For Non American Market Vehicles you must match your manufacturer label to the reference in the Unit Numbers.

Unit #s

BMW 12-31-7-788-821, 12-31-7-789-981, 12-31-7-789-984, 12-31-7-797-204-AI02, 12-31-7-797-521, 12-31-7-797-521-AI01, 12-31-7-797-522, 12-31-8-517-261, 12-31-7-834-160, 12-31-7-836-592, 12-31-7-799-204, 12-31-7-802-929
Valeo TG17C010, TG17C010B, 439485, 437450, 440107, 746135, TG17C011, 439559, 437556, 2542613, TG17C048, 439604, 2543305

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