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Alternator Hardware

Rebuilding or Repairing your own alternator? Rusty hardware can be brittle and break easily. Or you may be victim of the learning curve. The need to replace hardware is a very common. Ways to locate your hardware are:
1. You can use or Bill of Material List on your unit page by searching your unit in the search bar. Updated units will include a Bill of Material List under their description. Select the Alternator Unit to find this.
2. Using the same method in number 1 might also generate a bill of materials for related items to the search term. Any item selected can be verified thru its description of the part you are searching.
3. Details known of the hardware needed like, 'M5 Bolt' could be searched on this page using a keyboard function such as 'F3' key if available to you. This should pull up a list that you might be able to filter thru for something needed.
4. Use the Q&A below the page (or on any page) to ask what you are looking for a link. Or also the form in the contact Page.
5. Many projects are urgent. feel free to use the information to secure the correct pieces at you local hardware/ Home Improvement store! We are happy to help!
Thank you!!

Nut 10mm X 5mm X M6-1.0 with Including Attached Floating Washer  QTY 5 - 9590001
Alternator Thru Bolt Set, M5-0.8, 2.38" / 60.5mm L, Phillips Hex Head - A414X19271
Alternator Steel SRE Frame Connector (021602-5230) - 9990-1012
Alternator Rectifier Brush Holder Screw 5 Piece M4 x 0.7 x 5.7mm L for Denso 949006-5460, 949007-3370, 949007-3930, 949007-6280 - 96909016
Mitsubishi Alternator Drive-End (DE) Bearing Retainer Screw Set
Split Lock Washer, QTY 10,  5/16 ID x 9/16 OD x .078 Tall, Replacing Bosch 2916691007, 2916699085, 2916063013, Delco 11500323, 9421424, Ford 34806-S7, Leece Neville 3231, L1003 - 97001512
Nut, Hex, M14-1.5, 6.9mm Thick (pkg of 4) - 95001505
Alternator Pulley Retaining Hex Nut M16-1.5, 8mm Thick, 24mm Hex Socket Size (QTY 2)- 95001508
Pulley Nut M17 X 1.5 Thread (QTY 2) for Valeo, Marelli and Mitsubishi Rotors 22mm - 95001510
Alternator Pulley Nut includes Split Lock Washer M17-1.5 24mm 7.9-11mm - QTY 4 -  95001514
Brush Holder Attaching Screw, M4-0.7, 13mm L, Phillips Pan Head, QTY 5 - 9620108
Brush Holder and Bearing Retainer Attaching Screw, Brush Holder Attaching screw, M4-0.7, 17.7mm L, Phillips Round Head QTY 5 - 9620109
Bosch Alternator Washer (QTY 2), Lock, Concave, 16.3mm ID, 27.8mm OD, 1.8mm Thick (1120150008) - 97202023
Alternator Case Thru Bolt, Bosch Alternator SRE M5-0.8 x 60mm Thru Bolt (QTY 4)- 9620125
Alternator Rectifier Attaching Screw, M5-0.8, 22mm L, Phillips Round Washer Head (QTY 3)- 9620119
Alternator Pulley Spacer for Bosch Alternators 17mm ID, 39mm OD, 5mm L- 92202028
Screw / Bolt, M5-0.8,  9mm Long, Hex Washer Head, QTY  - 96909065,
Hex Nut, 12-24, 4mm Thick, Package of 25, Common use Delco Alternator Generator - 95001210
Alternator Bearing Dust Shield QTY 5 for Delco AD Replacing Delco 10494472 - 84404110
Screw, Philips Head,  M4 x 0.7 x 8mm L - Bearing Retainer Screw - 96909020
Alternator Bearing Retainer Screw (4 Pack) Bolt M4.5 x 0.75 x 18mm L, 7mm Hex Head with Philips - W115204
Regulator / Terminal Block Mounting Screw X 2 M4 x 0.7 x 25mm L - W115206
Grommet x4 Stator Lead on Denso Alternators (Ref# 021605-1970) - 91904711
Bearing Retainer Screw / Bolt  M4.5 x 0.75 x 18mm L, Phillips hex washer head, 7mm drive - 96909012
Alternator Battery B+ Post / Stud Nut, Hex-Washer, M6-1.0, 5mm Thick, QTY 5 - 95001452
Alternator Starter Hardware Bolt M4 x 0.7 x 25mm L -96909063
Alternator Wave Washer Retainer 35mm OD Replaces Denso 021542-0220, QTY 2 - 92909502
Alternator  Screw, QTY 4, M5-0.8, 16.5mm L, Phillips Flat Head - 96303004
Alternator Connector, Qty 4,  Rectifier to S.R.E. Cover on Denso  - 99901012
Connector Steel Alternator Regulator to Rectifier CS144 - 99404605
Nut M8 x 1.25 x 13mm F x 6.3mm Tall, Package of 5 - 95001480
Solenoids on Delco 28MT Starters,Screw, M6-1.0, 0.71" / 18mm L, Hex Head,96404065
Battery Terminal Nut M8 x 1.25 x 12mm F x 4mm T, QTY 5, Ref# Denso 949056-3300 - 9590003
Spade Terminal, D+, Male, Replacing 1-124-477-075 for Bosch Alternator - 99201001


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