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Ford Regulator replacing 6G White with Orange Cover

Regulator for Ford 6G Replacing XS7U-10C359-BA White with Orange Cover - 8050523
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Product Description


For Ford 6G Series IR/IF Alternators 12 Volt, A-Circuit, I-FR-A Terminals, 14.4 Voltage Set Point, 7 sec. LRC, Original is White w/ Orange Cover Field recovery diode circuit to protect ECU. Regulator shutdown with loss of sense (A) or light (I) connection. FR provides feedback to vehicle PCM.


Ford (1999-2004) , Ford - Europe (2000-2006) , Lincoln (2003-2004) , LTI - Europe (2002-2006) , Mazda (2001-2004) , Mazda - Europe (2001-2005) , Mercury (1999-2002)


Ford XS7U-10C359-BA, Other 132134P, 35-214, F603-B100, F603-OE, F603

Unit #s

Ford 1127506, 1L5U-10300-AB, 1L5Z-10346-AA, 1L8U-10300-CD, 1L8U-10300-CE, 1L8U-10300-DD, 1L8U-10300-DE, 1L8Z-10346-CB, 1L8Z-10346-CBRM, 1L8Z-10346-DA, 1L8Z-10V346-CCRM, 2L7U-10300-AA, 2L7U-10300-BA, 2L7U-10300-BB, 2L7Z-10346-AA, 2L7Z-10346-BA, 2L7Z-10346-BARM, 2L7Z-10346-BB, 2L7Z-10V346-BBRM, 4U2Z-10V346-ANRM, 4U2Z-10V346-CCRM, 4U2Z-10V346-CMRM, 4U2Z-10V346-CWRM, 6L5Z-10346-ABRM, 6L8Z-10346-DA, XS71-10300-FB, XS71-10300-FE, XS8Z-10346-AA, XS8Z-10346-AARM, XS8Z-10346-BB, XS8Z-10346-BBRM, XS8Z-10346-FB, XS8Z-10346-FBRM, XS8Z-10V346-ABRM, XS8Z-10V346-ADRM, XS8Z-10V346-BCRM, XS91-10300-AE, XS91-10300-BB, XS91-10300-BC, YC1U-10300-BC, YC1U-10300-DA, YC1U-10300-DB, YC1U-10300-DC, YC1U-10346-DA, YF1U-10300-DA, YF1U-10300-FA, YF1U-10300-FB, YF1V-10V346-FBRM, YF1Z-10346-DA, YF1Z-10346-DARM, YF1Z-10346-FA, YF1Z-10346-FARM, YF1Z-10V346-FBRM, YF1Z-10V346-FRM; Ford Engineering 1L5U-AB, 1L8U-CD, 1L8U-CE, 1L8U-DD, 1L8U-DE, 2L7U-AA, 2L7U-BA, 2L7U-BB, XS71-FB, XS71-FE, XS91-AE, XS91-BB, XS91-BC, YC1U-DA, YC1U-DB, YC1U-DC, YF1U-DA, YF1U-FA, YF1U-FB; Mazda AJ03-18-300A, AJ03-18-300A, AJ03-18-300B, AJ11-18-300B; Visteon 20-150-01007, CJ, CK, CL, DC, DK, DL, DP, DZ, FH, FT

Other 8250, 8254, 8259, 8263, 8265, 8305, 8529, 8530