Valeo D7R Brush Holder Assembly

Brush Holder Assembly for for John Deere 5310 5320 .. Tractor (D7R14) - W50214
Item #:W50214
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Product Description
Brush Holder Assembly Voltage 12, OD mm 77.00, ID mm 33.80, Height mm 21.15
With Brushes // PSX142-144 13.7x7x14mm // 2 Insulated 56mm Lead Length and 2 Non-Insulated 37mm Lead Length //

Unit #s

1250128, D7G14, D7G20, D7G26, D7R1, D7R11, D7R12, D7R127, D7R13, D7R15, D7R151, D7R18, D7R19, D7R2, D7R20, D7R24, D7R25, D7R26, D7R27, D7R28, D7R3, D7R32, D7R33, D7R34, D7R35, D7R4, D7R42, D7R43, D7R44, D7R45, D7R46, D7R47, D7R48 , D7R49, D7R5, D7R53, D7R56, D7R61, D7R64, D7R8, D7RP123, D7RP204, D8R1, D8R27, D8R28, D8R29, TM000A34101, TM000A36101, TS18E33, TS18E331, TS2232, TS22E5, TS22E5B, TS22E8, TS22E9