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Starter M0T89182

Starter Solenoid for Ford with M000T89182ZC, M0T89182 - 19227
Item #:W455-158
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Product Description
Starter Solenoid ZM3-795, W455-158, 245-8132


Ford Focus L4 2.0L 2011-2016
Ford Fusion L4 2.0L 2013-2016
Ford Fusion L4 2.5L 2012-2016
Ford Special Service Police Sedan L4 2.0L 2015-2016
Ford Taurus L4 2.0L 2013-2016
Ford Edge L4 2.0L 2013-2018
Ford Escape L4 2.0L 2013-2016
Ford Escape L4 2.5L 2013-2017
Ford Explorer L4 2.0L 2013-2015
Ford Explorer L4 2.3L 2016
Lincoln MKZ L4 2.0L 2013-2016
Lincoln MKC L4 2.0L 2015-2016
Lincoln MKC L4 2.3L 2015-2016
Lincoln MKT L4 2.0L 2013-2016

Unit #s

Ford BB5T-11000-BA, BB5Z-11002-B, BB5Z-11002-C, Mitsubishi M0T89182, M000T89182, M000T89182ZC, Other 19227