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1991-98 Grand Cherokee Starter Brush Kit

Starter Brush Kit for 4.0L 1988-1998 Jeep Wrangler Cherokee Grand Cherokee - 17006BK
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Product Description

Starter Brush Kit Specs

This kit can be used to Repair the original Brush Holder or in Many of the versions Replace the Brushg Holder. ****Brush Holder may not be direct fit for some of the Mitsubishi #s below used in these applications
  • Brush Holder with 17mm-17.5mm Brush Width with Ground Brushes
  • 2 Ground Brushes Length: 17.5mm / Width: 17.5mm / Height: 4.5mm / Lead Length: 34mm
  • Field Brushes Lead: Length: 17mm / Width: 17.7mm / Height: 4.4mm / Lead Length: 140mm
  • Application

    American Motors Eagle L6 4.2L 1988
    Jeep Cherokee L6 4.0L 1987-1998
    Jeep Comanche L6 4.0L 1987-1992
    Jeep Grand Cherokee L6 4.0L 1993-1998
    Jeep Grand Wagoneer V8 5.9L 1988-1991
    Jeep J10 V8 5.9L 1988
    Jeep J20 V8 5.9L 1988
    Jeep TJ L6 4.0L 1997-1998
    Jeep Wagoneer L6 4.0L 1987-1990
    Jeep Wrangler L6 4.0L 1991-1998
    Jeep Wrangler L6 4.2L 1988-1990
    Jeep TJ L6 4.0L 1997-1998

    Cross Reference

    Chrysler 33002709, 56027317, 56041012, 56041014, 8933002709, 8982775123, JR775123, R6041014, Jeep-Eagle 8933002709, 8982775123, JR775123, Mitsubishi M001T74281, M001T74281ZC, M001T74283, M001T74283ZC, M001T74286, M001T74286ZC, M001T74287, M001T74287ZC, M1T74281, M1T74283, M1T74286, M1T74481
    Other 17006, 410-48015, SMT0052, SMT0123, SR604X, 280-4114, S2402, 103-227