Mitsubishi Starter Shift Lever

Mitsubishi Starter Shift Lever  Plastic 36mm ID - 6803306
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Product Description

Shift Lever Kit, Plastic, 1.42" / 36mm ID
Notes / Dimensions :
for Mitsubishi Starters Composition: Plastic Forks ID: 1.417in / 36mm Application: Mitsubishi 1.7kw & 2.0kw Starters
Replaces / Interchanges
Ford F4XY-11067-A Hyundai Motor Co 36130-32510 Jeep-Eagle 83503654 Mando 3EM0946Z Mazda BPD4-18-X05, N326-18-X05 Mitsubishi M864X09771, M864X09772, M864X09774 Mitsubishi Motors MD611223, MD618546 Motorcraft SZE-884 Nissan, Infiniti 23322-42L70, 23322-50Y12, 23322-5C011, 23322-AA000 Subaru 23322-AA000 Suzuki 31191-86030 Other 135468, A477-101 68MIT-103, 335-48017, 355-48017, MT2-2505, MT2-2505K, 209-0102, SLMI-306, 19984, LE-3001, 55-8306, 42-27-2508
Maniac Motors
16874, 16888, 16889, 16900, 16930, 16931, 16932, 16933, 16939, 16998, 17006, 17046, 17131, 17132, 17133, 17142, 17146, 17151, 17161, 17166, 17176, 17180, 17185, 17194, 17206, 17214, 17217, 17221, 17246, 17266, 17425, 17437, 17450, 17451, 17461, 17467, 17469, 17470, 17478, 17479, 17480, 17514, 17557, 17559, 17566, 17592, 17599, 17683, 17685, 17686, 17688, 17689, 17691, 17708, 17709, 17717, 17718, 17719, 17722, 17723, 17734, 17738, 17740, 17749, 17754, 17761, 17762, 17763, 17764, 17765, 17765, 17766, 17768, 17772, 17773, 17775, 17779, 17783, 17786, 17795, 17796, 17797, 17799, 17829, 17830, 17831, 17833, 17836, 17837, 17838, 17839, 17843, 17848, 17849, 17857, 17859, 17861, 17862, 17863, 17866, 17879, 17881, 17897, 17908, 17909, 17913, 17914, 17916, 17917, 17943, 17944, 17945, 17984, 17991, 18095, 18096, 18395, 18487, 18973, 19012, 19715, 30322, 31338, 32544, 32693
OEM Unit Numbers
Mitsubishi: M000T60081 M000T60081A M000T60181 M000T60181A M000T60481 M000T60581 M000T65381 M000T65581 M000T70281 M000T70285 M000T70286 M000T70287 M000T70381 M000T70481 M000T70681 M000T70781 M000T70881 M000T70981 M000T70985 M000T71181 M000T71381 M000T71385 M000T71481 M000T71581 M000T71681 M000T71881 M000T80081 M000T80081A M000T80281 M000T80281A M000T80285 M000T80285A M000T80381 M000T80581 M000T80681 M000T80685 M000T80686 M000T80781 M000T80783 M000T80784 M000T80881 M000T80981 M000T81081 M000T81181 M000T81281 M000T81283 M000T81284 M000T81381 M000T81481 M000T81482 M000T81581 M000T81681 M000T81781 M000T81981 M000T82281 M000T82481 M000T82482 M000T82483 M000T82881 M000T82981 M000T83481 M000T83581 M000T83581A M000T83681 M000T83881 M000T83981 M000T84081 M000T84381 M000T84381A M000T84581 M000T84781 M000T85681 M000T85781 M000T85981 M000T86481 M000T86981 M000T87581 M000T87681 M000T87981 M000T88681 M000T90781 M000T90981 M000T91281 M000T91381 M000T91481 M000T92181 M000T92581 M001T60081 M001T60181 M001T60381 M001T60581 M001T60681 M001T61181 M001T66081 M001T68281 M001T68681 M001T70283 M001T70381 M001T70381A M001T70481 M001T70483 M001T70681 M001T70685 M001T70685A M001T70686 M001T70687 M001T70881 M001T70881A M001T70981 M001T70981A M001T71081 M001T71281 M001T71281A M001T71281B M001T71381 M001T71481 M001T71481A M001T71681A M001T71781 M001T71781A M001T71881 M001T71881A M001T72081 M001T72086 M001T72086A M001T72087A M001T72088 M001T72181 M001T72181A M001T72182 M001T72182A M001T72281 M001T72281A M001T72481 M001T72581 M001T72583 M001T72583G M001T72981 M001T72981A M001T73081 M001T73281 M001T73283 M001T73285 M001T73381 M001T73383 M001T73481A M001T73681 M001T74081 M001T74081A M001T74181 M001T74181A M001T74381 M001T74381A M001T74583 M001T74781 M001T74781A M001T74785 M001T75181 M001T75181A M001T75281 M001T75283 M001T75381 M001T75381A M001T75581 M001T75681 M001T76381 M001T76481 M001T77081 M001T77181 M001T77381 M001T77581 M001T77681 M001T77981 M001T78181 M001T78881 M001T78981 M001T79081 M001T79181 M001T79581 M001T79681 M001T79781 M001T84281 M001T84481 M001T84881 M001T84883 M001T84884 M001T85281 M001T85881 M001T86181 M001T90081 M001T90081A M001T95081 M001T95181 M001T95281 M001T95381 M001T95681 M001T96081 M001T96181 M001T96281 M001T96581 M001T96681 M001T98081 M001T98081A M0T20472 M0T30471 M0T50371 M0T50471 M0T50571 M0T60081 M0T60081A M0T60082 M0T60181 M0T60181A M0T60185 M0T60186 M0T60187 M0T60481 M0T60581 M0T60781 M0T65381 M0T65581 M0T70281 M0T70285 M0T70286 M0T70287 M0T70381 M0T70481 M0T70681 M0T70781 M0T70881 M0T70981 M0T70985 M0T71181 M0T71381 M0T71385 M0T71481 M0T71581 M0T71681 M0T71881 M0T80081 M0T80081A M0T80281 M0T80281A M0T80281AC M0T80281B M0T80285 M0T80285A M0T80381 M0T80481 M0T80481ZC M0T80482 M0T80482ZC M0T80581 M0T80681 M0T80685 M0T80686 M0T80781 M0T80783 M0T80783ZC M0T80784 M0T80784ZC M0T80881 M0T80981 M0T81081 M0T81181 M0T81281 M0T81283 M0T81284 M0T81381 M0T81481 M0T81482 M0T81581 M0T81681 M0T81781 M0T81981 M0T82281 M0T82381 M0T82381ZC M0T82481 M0T82482 M0T82483 M0T82881 M0T82981 M0T83381 M0T83481 M0T83581 M0T83581A M0T83681 M0T83881 M0T83981 M0T84081 M0T84381 M0T84381A M0T84581 M0T84781 M0T84881 M0T84881ZC M0T84882 M0T84882ZC M0T85081 M0T85582 M0T85681 M0T85781 M0T85881 M0T85981 M0T86481 M0T86781 M0T86881 M0T86981 M0T87181 M0T87187 M0T87187ZC M0T87281 M0T87281ZC M0T87381 M0T87381ZC M0T87481 M0T87481ZC M0T87581 M0T87681 M0T87781 M0T87781ZC M0T87981 M0T88281 M0T88281ZC M0T88481 M0T88481ZC M0T88681 M0T90685 M0T90685ZC M0T90781 M0T90981 M0T91082 M0T91082ZC M0T91181 M0T91181ZC M0T91182 M0T91182ZC M0T91281 M0T91381 M0T91481 M0T91781 M0T91781ZC M0T91881 M0T91881ZC M0T91981 M0T91981ZC M0T92081 M0T92081ZC M0T92181 M0T92581 M1Q71281 M1T40371 M1T60081 M1T60181 M1T60185 M1T60281 M1T60285 M1T60381 M1T60581 M1T60681 M1T61181 M1T64285 M1T66081 M1T68081 M1T68281 M1T68681 M1T68681ZC M1T70281 M1T70281ZC M1T70283 M1T70381 M1T70381A M1T70481 M1T70483 M1T70485 M1T70681 M1T70685 M1T70685A M1T70686 M1T70687 M1T70781 M1T70781A M1T70881 M1T70881A M1T70981 M1T70981A M1T70982 M1T70982A M1T70985 M1T70985A M1T71081 M1T71281 M1T71281A M1T71281B M1T71381 M1T71481 M1T71481A M1T71681 M1T71681A M1T71781 M1T71781A M1T71881 M1T71881A M1T72081 M1T72085 M1T72086 M1T72086A M1T72087 M1T72087A M1T72088 M1T72181 M1T72181A M1T72182 M1T72182A M1T72281 M1T72281A M1T72481 M1T72483 M1T72483ZC M1T72581 M1T72582 M1T72583 M1T72583G M1T72681 M1T72981 M1T72981A M1T72985 M1T73081 M1T73281 M1T73283 M1T73285 M1T73381 M1T73383 M1T73481A M1T73581 M1T73681 M1T73881 M1T73881ZC M1T74081 M1T74081A M1T74181 M1T74181A M1T74281 M1T74281ZC M1T74287 M1T74381 M1T74381A M1T74481 M1T74482 M1T74581 M1T74583 M1T74781 M1T74781A M1T74785 M1T74881 M1T74883 M1T75181 M1T75181A M1T75281 M1T75283 M1T75381 M1T75381A M1T75581 M1T75681 M1T75981 M1T76281 M1T76381 M1T76481 M1T77081 M1T77181 M1T77381 M1T77581 M1T77681 M1T77777 M1T77777ZC M1T77781 M1T77781ZC M1T77881 M1T77981 M1T78181 M1T78381 M1T78481 M1T78581 M1T78581ZC M1T78681 M1T78681ZC M1T78691 M1T78881 M1T78981 M1T79081 M1T79181 M1T79481 M1T79482 M1T79483 M1T79581 M1T79681 M1T79781 M1T84181 M1T84181ZC M1T84281 M1T84381 M1T84381ZC M1T84382 M1T84382ZC M1T84481 M1T84881 M1T84883 M1T84884 M1T84981 M1T84981ZC M1T85181 M1T85281 M1T85881 M1T85881ZC M1T86081 M1T86181 M1T86182 M1T86281 M1T86281ZC M1T86282 M1T86282ZC M1T86781 M1T86781ZC M1T86782 M1T86782ZC M1T86882 M1T86883 M1T87181 M1T87181ZC M1T90081 M1T90081A M1T95081 M1T95181 M1T95281 M1T95381 M1T95681 M1T96081 M1T96181 M1T96281 M1T96581 M1T96681 M1T96781 M1T96781ZC M1T96782 M1T96782ZC M1T98081 M1T98081A M1TA0071 M1TA0071ZC M1TA0072 M1TA0072ZC M641XD7271 Bowers BSO7126, BSO7126, BSO7127, BSO7127, BSO7127, BSO7161, BSO7216 Chrysler 05033067AB, 33002709, 4609001, 4609011, 4609011, 4609058, 4609345AE, 4609345AF, 4671101, 5033067AA, 5033067AB, 5234361, 56004934, 56027317, 56041012AB, 56041012AE, 56041013AB, 56041013AC, 56041014, 56041207, 56041207AB, 56041207AC, 56041207AD, 56041207AE, 56041436AA, 56041436AB, 56041436AC, R6041014, R6041014 Clark 920971, 921615 GM 30005925, 30005925, 30024597, 30024598, 30026097, 91174247, 91174639, 92169668, 96058456, 96058457, 96064782, 96064783, 96065247, 96065611 Hyster 2314322, 3114995 Hyundai Motor Co 00228-11200, 00228-Y9100, 36100-23000, 36100-23000, 36100-23050, 36100-23060, 36100-23100, 36100-23160, 36100-32510, 36100-32520, 36100-32520, 36100-32530, 36100-32560, 36100-32600, 36100-32610, 36100-32630, 36100-32640, 36100-35010, 36100-35020, 36100-35040, 36100-35510, 36100-37210, 36100-38050, 36100-38090 Ishikawajima 18508-6550, 18508-6551 Jeep-Eagle 33003210, 8933002709, 8933003210, 8982775123, 8982775152, JR775123, JR775152, JR775164 Kia OK956-18-400B Mazda AJ34-18-400, AJ34-18-400A, AJ34-18-400R, AJ34-18-400R-0A, AJ51-18-400, AM15-18-400, AM15-18-400A, BPD4-18-400, BPD4-18-400A, BPD4-18-400R, BPE9-18-400, BPE9-18-400R, F214-18-400, F214-18-400A, F214-18-400B, F214-18-400C, F214-18-400R, F225-18-400A, F271-18-400, F271-18-400A, F271-18-400B, F2D4-18-400, F2D4-18-400A, FE1H-18-400, FFSC-18-400, FFSC-18-400A, FFSO-18-400, FP13-18-400, FP50-18-400, FS05-18-400, FS11-18-400, FS11-18-400A, FS11-18-400B, FS11-18-400R, JE01-18-400, JE01-18-400A, JE01-18-400B, JE01-18-400C, JE15-18-400, JE15-18-400A, JE15-18-400B, JE15-18-400R, JE16-18-400, JE16-18-400A, JE16-18-400B, JE16-18-400R, JE27-18-400D, JE48-18-400, JE48-18-400R, JE49-18-400, K805-18-400, K805-18-400B, KL11-18-400, KL36-18-400, KL36-18-400R, KL47-18-400, KL70-18-400, KL70-18-400R, KL86-18-400, KL86-18-400R, KLK3-18-400, L321-18-400, L321-18-400A, L321-18-400R, L327-18-400, L813-18-400, L813-18-400A, N318-18-400, N318-18-400A, N318-18-400B, N318-18-400R, N326-18-400, N326-18-400A, N326-18-400B, N327-18-400, N327-18-400A, N327-18-400R, N3A1-18-400, N3A1-18-400R, N3H1-18-400, N3H2-18-400A Mercury Marine 50-807907 Mitsubishi Motors M174482D, M309472D, MD099667, MD136933, MD145183, MD162839, MD162840, MD162841, MD162842, MD162843, MD172860, MD172861, MD172862, MD174482, MD174483, MD178511, MD301351, MD306997, MD306998, MD309471, MD309472, MD313327, MD318086, MD319770, MD320618, MD321982, MD337238, MD342382, MD351508, MD356104, MD356178, MD360368, MD362207, MD362910, MD362910D, MD377649 New Holland SBA18508-6550, SBA18508-6551 Nissan, Infiniti 23300-01Y10, 23300-01Y11, 23300-0B010, 23300-0B711, 23300-0B711R, 23300-0M210, 23300-0M211, 23300-0M211R, 23300-0M215, 23300-0W010, 23300-0W011, 23300-1E410, 23300-1E410R, 23300-1M216, 23300-1S770, 23300-1S771, 23300-1S772, 23300-1S772R, 23300-20P10, 23300-20R10, 23300-20R11, 23300-20R91, 23300-22P70, 23300-22P71, 23300-30R12, 23300-30R13, 23300-4E100, 23300-4S100, 23300-4S102, 23300-4S102R, 23300-4S103, 23300-53F10, 23300-53F11, 23300-53J11, 23300-53J12, 23300-57M70, 23300-57M90, 23300-5Y710, 23300-5Y715, 23300-60U10, 23300-60U10R, 23300-60U10R, 23300-60U11, 23300-60U12, 23300-63J10, 23300-63J11, 23300-72F10, 23300-77A11, 23300-79E10, 23300-7B010, 23300-7B010R, 23300-80G10, 23300-84A17, 23300-84A18, 23300-86G10, 23300-86G11, 23300-8J011, 23300-8J115, 23300-8J120, 23300-9E010, 23300-9E010R, 23300-9E012R, 23300-9Z400, 23300-9Z400R, 23300-CA000, 23300-CA00A, 23300-D0511, 23300-D0512, 23300-D0513, 23300-D0514, 23300-EA000, 23300-F4U010, 23300-FU410, 23300-K9160, 23300-W9810 Opel 90458462 Saab 32-00-6005, 51-94-758, 51-94-766 Subaru 23300-AA040, 23300-AA050, 23300-AA280, 23300-AA300, 23300-AA351, 23300-AA361, 23300-AA380, 23300-AA381, 23300-AA390, 23300-AA450 Suzuki 31100-60A10, 31100-60A11, 31100-60A12, 31100-60A13, 31100-60A20, 31100-60A21, 31100-60A22, 31100-60AC4, 31100-60AD0, 31100-64B10, 31100-64B12, 31100-65DA0, 31100-65DB0, 31100-67D10, 31100-67D20, 31100-67DA0, 31100-82Z00, 31100-86030, 31100-86031, 31100-86032, 31100-86033, 31100-860D2, 31100-860D2-REM Tennant 392525 Yale 9181396-00

Starters & Alternators that may interchange may have different internal components. Please match your Starter or Alternator to the 'Unit Nos', 'Manufacturer Nos", and dimension notes from the above chart to insure proper fit of your component part.

All component parts must be verified through description and/or cross reference before purchase. No returns on component parts. Exchanges only for like item during the 1 year warranty. If you believe there is an error in our listing and need to return your component part please email pictures of your unit and picture including manufacturer number and vehicle VIN for a return authorization #.

Order the complete unit if unsure on how to install component part. We can not provide technical assistance for your rebuilding project.