Replacing A3T08591

NEW ALTERNATOR 1993-1995 RX-7 - 13460N
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Direct Fit Replacement Alternator for Mazda, 100 Amp CW, 5-Groove Pulley, Mitsubishi Type. 100% performance tested from component through final assembly to ensure dependable service and reliable performance. 1 Year warranty


Mazda RX-7 R2 1.3L 1993-1995


Mazda N3A1-18-300A, N3A1-18-300R, Mitsubishi A003T08591, A3T08591

Other: 13460 400-48021, AMT0035, AL4213X, 13460, N3A118300A, A3T08591, 203-399, 0-27-3155
update 02/15/18