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Mitsubish Alternator Voltage Regulator

Voltage Regulator with Brushes for Mitsubishi Alternators Replacing MD618673, MD619213 - 80033035
Item #:80033035
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Product Description

Voltage Regulator with Brushes Replacing MD618673, MD619213, IM830, W085-99

14.5 Voltage Set Point, Terminal ID: Light-Sense, Ignition Activation,
Replaces: Ford F1CZ-10316-A, F4BZ-10316-A, GRE807, Mando TA500C02001, TA500C04401, Mazda B307-18-W70, B3C7-18-W70, B64J-18-W70, B64J-18-W70A, BPD3-18-W70, JE48-18-W70, MJE48-18-W70, Mitsubishi 204, A866X20472, A866X20572, A866X20972, A866X22772, A866X24072, A866X24082, A866X25372, A866X27472, A866X27772, A866X38072, Mitsubishi Motors MD618673, MD619213, Subaru 23815-AA040


Ford (1991-1997) , Kia (1994-1997) , Mazda (1992-2002) , Mercury (1991-1996) , Mitsubishi (1994-1999) , Nissan (1993-1995) , Subaru (1993-1997)

Unit #s

Ford F1CZ-10346-C, F1CZ-10346-CRM, F32Z-10346-A, F32Z-10346-ARM, F32Z-10346-B, F32Z-10346-BRM, F4BZ-10346-A, F4BZ-10346-ARM; Kia 0K201-18-300B, 0K24A-18-300A, 0K29T-18-300, 0K9A1-18-300, KK370-18-300, MZ599-18-300, OK201-18-300B, OK24A-18-300A, OK29T-18-300, OK9A1-18-300; Mando AB160044, AB170036, AB170066, AB180092, APR140AB; Mazda B366-18-300H, B3C7-18-300, B3C7-18-300B, B3C7-18-300B, B3C7-18-300C, B61P-18-300, B61P-18-300E, B64J-18-300B, B64J-18-300R, B66S-18-300, B66S-18-300C, B66S-18-300R, B6BF, B6BF-18-300, B6BF-18-300R, BPD3-18-300, BPD3-18-300R, BPE8-18-300, BPE8-18-300R, BPE9-18-300, BPE9-18-300A, BPE9-18-300R, FS05-18-300, FS11-18-300A, FS11-18-300B, FS11-18-300R, FS1G-18-300, FS1G-18-300A, FS64-18-300, JE48-18-300C, K801-18-300B, K801-18-300C, KL11-18-300C, KL11-18-300D, KL11-18-300E, KL11-18-300R, MB3C7-18-300B, N3A1-18-300A, N3A1-18-300R, RF92-18-300A, RF92-18-300B, RF92-18-300C, RF92-18-300D, RFG7-18-300B, Z505-18-300A, Z505-18-300R; Mitsubishi A00002TB5891A, A002T33191, A002T33191A, A002T33891, A002T33891, A002T33891ZC, A002T33892, A002T33991, A002T34692, A002T34692A, A002T34692B, A002T35177, A002T35277, A002T36578, A002T37791B, A002T39091, A002T39291, A002T39391, A002T39391A, A002T80391, A002T80891, A002T83491, A002T83491A, A002TA2691, A002TA5891, A002TA5891A, A002TB5891, A002TB5891A, A002TB5891AC, A002TB5891ZC, A003T04177, A003T04178, A003T04199, A003T07592, A003T08491, A003T08491ZC, A003T08591, A003T10691, A003T11091, A003T11191A, A003T11991, A003TA0491, A003TA0991, A003TA0991A, A003TA1591, A003TA2391, A003TA2391A, A003TA2991, A003TA2991A, A003TA4091, A003TA4981, A003TA4981A, A005T03391, A005T03391A, A005T03677, A005T03777, A005TA0191, A005TA0391, A005TA1891, A2TA5891A, A3T11191, A3T11991; Mitsubishi Motors M314375D, MD188242, MD189318, MD194470, MD313384, MD313937, MD313941, MD314375, MD317514, MD318460, MD325699, MD327533, MD330332, MD354804, MD365218; Nissan, Infiniti 23100-47R10, 23100-47R11, 23100-70T13; Subaru 23700-AA202; Valeo 437565, 437616, 437648, TA000A32601A, TA000A32601A, TA000A32601A, TA000A36701

Other 11102, 12645, 12646, 12647, 13227, 13350, 13432, 13445, 13446, 13460, 13479, 13511, 13523, 13559, 13574, 13614, 13616A, 13650, 13716, 13717, 13730, 13731, 13749, 21155, 22753, 22758, 23211, 23307