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TCM FG20N FG23N FG25N Alternator

Alternator Nissan TCM Forklift H20 H25 (Replaces Mitsubishi # A007T03771, Nissan 23100-50K15) - 12153
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Product Description
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Quality Aftermarket Alternator - 1 Year Warranty

Nissan Lift Truck Forklift
CPJ H20 Engine 1994-2001
KAH H20 Engine 1994-2001
KAP H20 Engine 1994-2001
KAP H25 Engine 1994-2001
KCEH H20 Engine 1994-2001
KCEH H25 Engine 1994-2001
KCH02 H20 Gas Engine 1994-2007
KCH02 H25 Gas Engine 1994-2007
KCPH H20 Engine 1994-2001
KCUGH H20 Engine 1994-2001
KCUGH H25 Engine 1994-2001
KEGH H20 Engine 1994-2001
KEGH H25 Engine 1994-2001
KEH H20 Engine 1994-2001
KEH H25 Engine 1994-2001
KH01 H20 Gas Engine 1993-2007
KH02 H20 Gas Engine 1993-2007
KH02 H25 Gas Engine 1993-2007
KPH H20 Engine 1994-2001
KUGH H20 Engine 1994-2001
KUGH H25 Engine 1994-2001
TCM Equipment Lift Truck Forklift
FG20N H20 Engine 1992-2007
FG23N H20 Engine 1992-2007
FG25N H15 Engine 1992-2007
FG25N H20 Engine 1992-2007
FG28N H20 Engine 1992-2007
FG30N H20 Engine 1992-2007
FHG20N H25 Engine 1987-2007
FHG25N H25 Engine 1987-2007
FHG30N H25 Engine 1987-2007

Specs 50 Amp/ 12 Volt, Single Groove Pulley

This Alternator only Replaces these models: Kalmar 8762055, Lucas Industries LRA01578, Mitsubishi A007T03771, A007T03771A, A007T03771AC, A7T03771, A7T03771A, Nissan, Infiniti 23100-50K15, Prestolite 20140107 Maniac #s: 12153 12153N 12153R // 1 Year Warranty