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01-05 Outback 3.0L Mitsubishi Brand Alternator

Alternator Mitsubishi Brand 2001-2005 Subaru Outback 3.0L - A3TB1891
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Quality Aftermarket Alternator - 1 Year Warranty

2001-2005 SUBARU OUTBACK 3.0L
100 Amp / 12 Volt, CW, 6-Groove Pulley Mitsubishi IR/IF MFR:MITSUBISHI PLUG CLOCK:11:00 Plug Clock

Lester 13888 Mitsubishi 23700AA401, A003TB1891, A003TB1891ZC, A3TB1891ZC Subaru 23700AA401

Alternator Rebuild Parts List for 2001-2005 SUBARU OUTBACK 3.0L // Bearing, 52310 54000 Plug 9801325,P ulley 79033042, Rectifier 77033143, Regulator & Brush Holder 80033098B, Rotor 70031063, Slip Ring, 710312, Stator 72038325 72038333