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2016-2020 Civic 2.0 M/T Alternator

Alternator for 2016-2020 Honda Civic 2.0L M/T - 11930
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Product Description
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Quality Aftermarket Alternator - 1 Year Warranty

Denso Hairpin, 12 Volt, 135 Amp,7 Groove Pulley 58.7mm OD


Honda Car Civic L4 2.0L 1996cc 122cid K20C2 2016-2020 Manual Transmission

Cross Reference

Denso 104211-3960 Honda 31100-5BA-A51, 31100-5BA-A51RM, CSP96 Other: 11930
Rebuild Parts List for 2016-2020 Civic 2.0 M/T Denso 104211-3960, Honda 31100-5BA-A51, 31100-5BA-A51RM, CSP96 // Rebuild Kit, Bearings 53514 54700, Brush Holder Assembly 74909206, Brush Set 7390901, Slip Ring 7190904b, Rectifier 77904168, Voltage Regulator 80904595, Insulator 92909529, Hardware w01553 w11029 w115205 w115208 w115219 w115221 w11539 w11544 w11545 w11551 w11581