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Alternator for Yanmar 129772-77200

Alternator Parts List for  55 Amp 12 Volt Hitachi LR155-20 LR155-20B Yanmar 129772-77200 - 12107
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Product Description
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Quality Aftermarket Alternator - 1 Year Warranty

Alternator, Hitachi IR/EF SPECS:55 Amp/12 Volt, 1-Groove Pulley // Cross Reference: Hitachi LR155-20, LR155-20B Yanmar 129772-77200, Other 12107


Yanmar Engine - Marine
2GM20 2cyl, 38.81ci, 0.636L Diesel
2GMFL 2cyl Diesel
2GMFY(E)-E 2cyl Diesel
2GML 2cyl Diesel
2GMYE-EC 2cyl Diesel
3GM30 3cyl Diesel
3HM35 3cyl Diesel 1982-1992
3JH2 3cyl Diesel 1991-1999
3JH2BE 3cyl Diesel 1991-1999
3JH2E 3cyl Diesel 1991-1999
3JH3 3cyl Diesel 1999-2003
3JH3E 3cyl Diesel
3JH3E-YEU 3cyl Diesel
4JH-DTE 4cyl Diesel
4JH-HT-E 4cyl Diesel
4JH-TE 4cyl Diesel
4JH2-CE 4cyl Diesel
4JH2-DTE 4cyl Diesel
4JH2-E 4cyl Diesel
4JH2-HTE 4cyl Diesel
4JH2-TE 4cyl Diesel
4JH2-UTE 4cyl Diesel
4JH3-CE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3-DTE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3-HTE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3-TCE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3-TE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3-TE-YEU 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3E 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JHE 4cyl Diesel
4LH-DTE 4cyl Diesel
4LH-HTE 4cyl Diesel
4LH-STE 4cyl Diesel
4LH-TE 4cyl Diesel
4LHA-DTE 4cyl Diesel
4LHA-DTZ 4cyl Diesel
4LHA-HTE 4cyl Diesel
4LHA-HTZE 4cyl Diesel
4LHA-STE 4cyl Diesel
4LHA-STZE 4cyl Diesel
6PH 6cyl Diesel
6PH-HTZY 6cyl Diesel
6PHM-HTE 6cyl Diesel
6PHM-HTZ 6cyl Diesel
6PHM-TZ 6cyl Diesel
6PHS-HTPS 6cyl Diesel
6PHS-TPS 6cyl Diesel
Yanmar Engines - Industrial
4JM-7Z All