Regulator Replacing 593551

Alternator Voltage Regulator Replacing Valeo 593551 for 2002-2005 Mini Cooper L4 1.6L - 80084056
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Product Description

Voltage Regulator Specs

Transpo Brand Active Lamp, L-FR Terminals, Lamp and Field Short Circuit Protection, Soft Start and LRC Functions, Under Voltage Indication, Terminal Identification: L-FR Terminals, for Valeo IR/IF Alternators SPECS:12 Volt, B-Circuit, 14.5 Voltage Set Point


Valeo 593551, Other M552


Mini Cooper L4 1.6L 1600cc W10B16A 2002-2005

Unit #s

BMW 12-31-7-515-033, 12-31-7-515-426; Valeo SG12S073
Other 11050