Voltage Regulator Replacing Mitsubishi 6824913U

Voltage Regulator with Brushes Replacing Mitsubishi 6824913U - 80033154
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Product Description

Voltage Regulator with Brushes

Light Activated, Soft Start, 6 Second LRC, Remote Sense, Reverse RVC Function, Field, Lamp Short Circuit Protection, For Mitsubishi IR/IF Alternators, 12 Volt, A-Circuit, 14.6 Voltage Set Point, Low Side Drive Regulator, C-S-L Terminals


Mitsubishi 6824913U, Other: IM626 - IM547


Infiniti (2010-2019)Nissan (2010-2019)

Unit #s

Mitsubishi A002TJ1381, A003TJ1991B, A003TJ3991; A3TJ1991B, A3TJ3991, A2TJ1381, Nissan, Infiniti 23100-1KM1A, 23100-3FY1A, 23100-3JA1A, 23100-3JA1ARE,
Other: 11438, 11538, 13258