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Voltage Regulator On Mitsubishi Alternators C(G)-S-L-FR Terminals, 14.5 Volt set (Replacing MD619268, A866X34172)

Replaces A866X34172

Item #:80033025
Your Price:$32.71

Product Description
Alternator Voltage Regulator
Voltage: 12
Set Point: 14.4
Terminal ID: G(C), S, L, FR
Polarity: Negative
Includes Brush Holder?: Yes
Activation: Stator AC
Adjustable?: No
Circuit Type: A-Circuit
Includes Rectifier?: No
Includes Tolerance Ring?: Yes
Notes: 24mm Brush Ring
Application: Mitsubishi Alternators
1800A064 1800A156 A002TA4991 A002TA5191 A002TA5192 A002TA5192A A002TA5391 A002TA5394 A002TB0892 A002TB3791 A002TB5091 A002TB7391 A002TB7691 A003TA1691 A003TA2291A A003TA3391 A003TA4691 A003TA4791 A003TA5092 A003TA5291 A003TA5391 A003TA5392 A003TA5491 A003TA5492 A003TA5991 A003TA7291 A003TA7391 A003TA7591 A003TB0391 A003TB1791 A003TB2091 A003TB2091A A003TB3091 A003TB3391 A003TB3491ZC A003TB4191 A003TB4591 A003TB4791 A003TB4791A A003TB5491 A003TB5591 A003TB5891 A003TB6091 A003TG1191 A003TG1192 A003TG2291 A003TG3491 A003TG5191 A2TA4991 A2TA5191 A2TA5192 A2TA5192A A2TA5391 A2TA5393 A2TA5393ZC A2TA5394 A2TB0892 A2TB3791 A2TB5091 A2TB7391 A2TB7691 A3TA1691 A3TA2291A A3TA3391 A3TA4691 A3TA4791 A3TA5092 A3TA5291 A3TA5391 A3TA5392 A3TA5491 A3TA5492 A3TA5991 A3TA7291 A3TA7391 A3TA7591 A3TB0391 A3TB1791 A3TB2091 A3TB2091A A3TB2291 A3TB2291ZC A3TB3091 A3TB3391 A3TB3491ZC A3TB4191 A3TB4591 A3TB4791 A3TB4791A A3TB5491 A3TB5591 A3TB5891 A3TB6091 A3TG1191 A3TG1192 A3TG2192 A3TG2192AC A3TG2192ZC A3TG2291 A3TG3491 A3TG5191 A642X36170 A642X42870 A642X43170 A642X46170 A642X46570 A642X52970 A642X53070 A642X54270 A642X55770 A642X55970 A642X57170 A642X62170 A642X65670 A642X66870 A642X68870 A642XB6970 A642XC0970 A642XC1070 A642XC3370 A642XC7670 A642XC7770 A642XD2070 A642XD2170 A642XD4270 A642XD7270 A642XF2970 MD305461 MD315304 MD317860 MD317862 MD325696 MD327515 MD334167 MD336780 MD336781 MD338990 MD340951 MD341353 MD343416 MD343562 MD344496 MD346796 MD347161 MD348848 MD355120 MD358421 MD360393 MD360394 MD363635 MD363637 MD363639 MD366831 MD367214 MD368957 MD370479 MD372178 MD373093 MD374904 MD375853 MD377562 MD377789 MD377790 MN119955 MN128991 MN128992 MN137612 MN158384 MN163016 MN163999 MN183450

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