6 Groove 66mm OD Alternator Pulley

Alternator Pulley, POLISHED OR BLACK COATED, 6 Groove, 65mm, for Ford 3G,  For GP667, GP668, GP680, GP683, GP685  - 79502257
Alternator Pulley, POLISHED OR BLACK COATED, 6 Groove, 65mm, for Ford 3G,  For GP667, GP668, GP680, GP683, GP685  - 79502257
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Product Description


17mm BORE, 64-65mm OD, 33mm W, 15.2 to 17.5mm DEEP, 22mm BELT, 9.4mm To First Groove Machined pulley cut from cold rolled steel comes Black Coated or Polished


Ford (1990-2008) , Ford - Europe (1993-2002) , Lincoln (1991-1994) , Mazda (1991-1997) , Mercury (1990-2008)


Ford F07U-10A352-A1A, F07U-10A352-A2A, F07Z-10344-A, F0CF-10A352-AA, F0CU-10A352-A1A, F0CU-10A352-A2A, F0CZ-10344-A, F0CZ-10344-C, F0DF-10A352-AA, F0DU-10A352-B1A, F0DU-10A352-B2A, F0DZ-10344-A, F0DZ-10344-C, GP667, GP668, GP680, GP683, GP685, Visteon ALT-C-002, ALT-C-004, Other 24-2257

Unit #s

Ford 1R3U-10300-AA, 1R3U-10300-AB, 1R3U-10300-AC, 1R3U-10300-AD, 1R3Z-10346-A, 1R3Z-10346-ARM, 1R3Z-10V346-ABRM, 1R3Z-10V346-ACRM, 3F2U-10300-AA, 3F2Z-10346-AA, 4U2Z-10V346-ALRM, 5C2T-10300-BC, 5C2Z-10346-AA, 5C2Z-10346-BA, 6C2T-10300-BA, 6C2Z-10346-BA, 6C2Z-10346-BARM, 6C2Z-10V346-BBRM1, 6F2Z-10346-BA, 6F2Z-10346-BBRM, 6F2Z-10346-BCRM, 6F2Z-10V346-BBRM, 6L2T-10300-AB, 6L2T-10300-AD, 6L2Z-10346-A, 6L2Z-10346-AA, 6L2Z-10346-AARM, 6L2Z-10346-BRM, 6L2Z-10V346-ABRM, 7C2T-10300-AA, 7C2Z-10346-AA, 7C2Z-10346-ABRM, 96BB-10300-AA, 96BB-10300-AB, 96BB-10300-AE, 96BB-10300-BA, 96BB-10300-BB, 96BB-10300-BD, 96BB-10300-BE, DU2Z-10V346-BBRM1, DU2Z10V346BBRM1, F07F-10300-AA, F07U-10300-AA, F07U-10300-AB, F07U-10300-AC, F07U-10346-AC, F0CF-10300-AA, F0CO-10300-AD, F0CU-10300-AA, F0CU-10300-AB, F0CU-10300-AC, F0CU-10300-AD, F0CU-10346-A, F0CU-10346-AC, F0CZ-10346-A, F0CZ-10346-CRM, F0DF-10300-BA, F0DU-10300-BB, F0DU-10300-BC, F0DZ-10346-B, F0DZ-10346-C, F0DZ-10346-E, F0DZ-10346-ERM, F0PU-10346-AD, F0PU-10346-BD, F0PU-10346-DA, F0PU-10346-DD, F17U-10300-AA, F1PU-10346-CA, F1TZ-10346-B, F1TZ-10346-C, F1TZ-10346-CRM, F1TZ-10346-CRM1, F1TZ-10346-CRM2, F2PU-10346-AF, F2PU-10346-DE, F2TU-10346-AE, F2UU-10300-BE, F2UU-10300-CD, F2UU-10346-BE, F2UZ-10346-BRM, F37U-10300-AA, F3UU-10300-AE, F3UU-10300-AF, F3UZ-10346-A, F3UZ-10346-ARM, F3UZ-10346-ARM1, F3UZ-10346-ARM2, F4DU-10300-AA, F4DU-10300-CA, F4OU-10300-CA, F4PU-10300-CA, F4PU-10346-BA, F4PU-10346-CA, F4PZ-10346-B, F4PZ-10346-BRM, F4PZ-10346-BRM1, F4PZ-10346-BRM2, F4PZ-10346-C, F4PZ-10346-CRM, F4SU-10300-AB, F58U-10300-AA, F58U-10300-AB, F58Z-10346-A, F58Z-10346-AARM1, F58Z-10346-AARM1, F58Z-10346-ARM, F58Z-10346-ARM4, F5PU-10346-BA, F5PU-10346-CA, F5RU-10300-BA, F5RU-10300-BB, F5RU-10300-BC, F5RU-10346-BA, F5RU-10346-BC, F5RZ-10346-B, F67U-10300-AA, F6PU-AA, F6RZ-10346-BB, F6RZ-10346-BBRM, F6RZ-10346-BBRM1, F6RZ-10346-BBRM3, F6RZ-10346-CC, F6RZ-10346-CCRM, F6RZ10346BBRM2, F6UU-10300-BA, F6UU-10300-CA, F8ZU-10300-AA, FODZ-10346-E, R96BB-10300-BA1, R96BB10300BA, XF2U-10300-BC, XF2U-10300-BD, XF2U-10300-BE, XF2Z-10346-BA, XF2Z-10346-BARM, XF2Z-10V346-BBRM, XS9Z-10346-AB, XS9Z-10346-ABRM; Ford Engineering 1R3U-AA, 1R3U-AB, 1R3U-AC, 1R3U-AD, 3F2U-AA, 4F23-AA, 5C2T-BC, 6C2T-BA, 6L2T-AB, 7C2T-AA, 96BB-AA, 96BB-AB, 96BB-AE, 96BB-BD, 96BB-BE, F07F-AA, F07U-AA, F07U-AB, F07U-AC, F0CF-AA, F0CO-AD, F0CU-AA, F0CU-AB, F0CU-AC, F0CU-AD, F0DF-BA, F0DU-BB, F0DU-BC, F17U-AA, F2UU-BE, F2UU-CD, F37U-AA, F3UU-AE, F3UU-AF, F4DU-AA, F4DU-CA, F4OU-CA, F4PU-CA, F4SU-AB, F58U-AA, F58U-AB, F5RU-BA, F5RU-BB, F5RU-BC, F67U-AA, F6UU-BA, F6UU-CA, F8ZU-AA, RM6F2T-10300-BE, XF2U-BC, XF2U-BD, XF2U-BE; JLG Industries 7019977; Mazda ZZL0-18-300, ZZL0-18-301; Original Reference Number 6F2T-BB, 6L2T-A, 6L2T-AD; Valeo 437688; Visteon BQ, CT, CT, FC, HA, HX, KB, RV, RW

7749-3, 7750, 7751, 7752, 7756-3, 7764, 7768, 7769, 7771, 7775, 7777, 8253, 8266, 8408, 8448, 8473