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Alternator Bearing Ref# S930P64870 17x47x24mm

WBD Quality Alternator Bearing Ref# S930P64870 17x47x24mm - 54722
Item #:54722
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Product Description

Alternator Bearing for Ford 3G Series IR/IF (D.E.),
Mitsubishi IR/IF Alternators (D.E.)

Dimensions: 17mm ID x 47mm OD x 24mm W 100% NEW WBD Engineered & quality controlled by WAI for consistency, quality, performance & price High temperature, hybrid polyacrylic seals High temperature Kyodo Yushi Multemp ET-K grease Labyrinth closure system that keeps the dirt out and the grease in Manufactured in a ISO/TS 16949 facility


Dodge (1991-1995) , Fiat - Europe (1998-2002) , Ford (1989-1999) , Mitsubishi (1991-1993)


Ford F5TU-10A303-AA, Mitsubishi S930P64870, Mitsubishi Motors MD618338, Original Reference Number 2B14-4DG, 2B17-4DG, Other 10-3032-4W, 5-4722, W02X-76

Unit #s

Chrysler MD150657, MD197470; Citroen 9631318180; Ford F5HT-10300-DA, F5PU-10300-GA, F5PZ-10346-GA, F6HT-10300-LA, F6HU-10300-AA, F6PU-10346-SA, F6PU-SA, F6UZ-10346-SA, F6UZ-10346-SARM, F6UZ-10346-SARM2, XC3U-10300-DB, XC3U-10300-DC; Ford Engineering F5HT-DA, F5PU-GA, F6HT-LA, F6HU-AA, XC3U-DB, XC3U-DC; Mitsubishi A002TA1991, A002TA1991D, A002TA1991F, A002TA2091, A002TA2091D, A002TA2091E, A002TA2091F, A004T01493, A004T01893, A004T03091; Mitsubishi Motors MD150657, MD160540, MD197470; PSA Peugeot Citroen 5705 W9 (P), 5705 X0 (C); Valeo TA000A20701, TA000A20701; Visteon AC, AW, F5HT10300DA F5PU10300GA F5PZ10346GA F6HT10300LA F6HU10300AA F6UZ10346SA XC3U10300DB XC3U10300DC NF01-18-300A A002T16994 A002T34794 A002T37591 A003T06291 A004T01493 A004T01793 A004T01893 A2T16994 A2T34794 A2T37591 A3T06291 A4T01493 A4T01793 A4T01893 A640T45570 A640T46170 A640T53270 A640X56970 MD150657 MD160539 MD160540 23100-0H610 23100-52V10 23100-91P10
Other 13351, 13435, 21305, 7785-3