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Starter Brushes with Lead Ford PMGR F67G

Starter Brushes, 4.5mm T x 16mm W x 14mm L with Lead Ford PMGR F67G on 1997-2004 Mustang 3.8L and more  - 54505022
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Product Description

Positive Brushes and Lead Specs

For Ford PMGR Starters Dimensions: 4.5mm T x 16mm W x 14mm L x 64mm LL, Includes Grommet Notes: Used w/54505021 negative brush set. Introduced on Ford PMGR starters w/M6 x 1.0 S-terminal post solenoids but will also fit starters w/male spade S-terminal solenoids.
Also See: 55505301


1997-2004 Ford Mustang 3.8L with Ford PMGR Starter
Ford (1992-2004) , Ford - Europe (1993-2004) , OMC (1992-1996) , Volvo Penta (1993-1999)


SFD7521, 141-14024, D7521, F67G, 141-14026, 68-220

Unit #s

Ford 1365666, 1416221, 1416222, 1416230, 3C24-11000-AA, 3C2Z-11002-AA, 3C2Z-11002-AARM, 93BB-11000-HC, E9OF-11434-AA, E9OF-11434-BA, E9OF-11434-CA, F2TU-11000-AA, F2TZ-11002-A, F2TZ-11002-ARM, F3RU-11434-AA, F3RZ-11061-A, F68Z-11061-AA, F6VZ-11061-AA, F7PU-11000-FA, F7PZ-11002-FA, SB348, XS7U-11000-CB, XS7U-11000-CC; 3C24-AA, 93BB-HC, F2TU-AA, F7PU-FA, RM4U2J11A230RA; 1F1U11000AA 1F1Z11002AA 1L5T11000AA 1L5Z11002AA 3C24-11000AA 3C2Z11002AA 6L5T11000AA 6L5Z11002AA 8A01-18-40SA 93BB11000HB 93BB11000HC 93BB11000JB 93BB11000JC 93BB11000KA 93BB11000KB 93BB11000KC 98AB11000EC F3RZ11002A F3RZ11002B F3RZ11002C F5OU11000AA F5OU11000AB F5OU11000AC F5OY11002A F68U11000AA F68U11000AB F68U11000AC F68U11000BA F68Z11002AA F68Z11002BA F7PU11000DA F7PU11000EA F7PZ11002DA F7PZ11002EA F89U11000AA F89U11000BA F89Z11002AA F89Z11002BA F8DU11000AA F8DZ11002AA YF1U11000BA YS4Z11002EA YS4Z11002EB, Letrika (Iskra) Tech. AZE2535; Marelli 944280164700; Original Reference Number 55-5301; Outboard Marine Corp (OMC) 3854190, 987811; Volvo-Penta 3854190-0

Other 3200, 3223, 3241, 3268, 33150