Field Brush Set Replacing Hitachi 2114-63123

Field Brush Set for Hitachi PMGR Replacing 2114-63123 - 54042022
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Product Description

Starter Brush Set with Field Lead

For Hitachi PMGR Starters 6.5mm T x 11mm W x 15mm L x 101mm LL, Motor Lead 66mm L Used w/54042002 brush. Similar to 54042029 except rubber grommet is different.


Hitachi 2114-63123, Nissan, Infiniti 23380-77A01, Original Reference Number 54-2022 Other 68-8125

Unit #s

Hitachi 2114-13103, 2114-23104, GD312593-B, S114-550, S114-550A, S114-700A, S114-700B; Isuzu B10118400A; Letrika Old IS 0809; Marelli 063226845010, 944280521560; Mazda B101-18-400A; Nissan, Infiniti 23300-53J01, 23300-53J02, 23378-53J02, 23378-77A01
Other 17246, 30806