8x23x14mm WBD Bearing

WBD Bearing for Mitsubishi Alternator 8mm ID x 23mm OD x 14mm W - 52315
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Product Description

Bearing Specs

8mm ID x 23mm OD x 14mm W, Engineered & quality controlled by WAI for consistency, quality, performance & price, High temperature, hybrid polyacrylic seals, High temperature Kyodo Yushi Multemp ET-K grease, Labyrinth closure system that keeps the dirt out and the grease in, Manufactured in a ISO/TS 16949 facility, With retaining ring OD IN MM:23, Mando, Mitsubishi IR/IF Alternators (S.R.E.), Double Sealed


Ford E7GZ-10A304-A, Honda 31111-PM3-0040, Mazda B612-18-W36, Mitsubishi S930P18501, Mitsubishi Motors MD611561, Nissan, Infiniti 23120-20P10, Other: 10-855-4W


Ford (1988-1989) Honda (1988-1991) Kawasaki (1986-1991) Mazda (1986-1989) Mercury (1987-1987) Nissan (1984-1989)

Unit #s

Ford E7GZ-10346-A, E8GY-10346-A, E8GY-10346-B, E92Z-10335-A, E9BZ-10346-A, F02Z-10335-A; Honda 31100-PM2-B02, 31100-PM5-A01RM, 31100-PM5-A02, 31100-PM5-A07, 31100-PM8-A03RM, AHGA03; Kawasaki 21001-1083, 21001-1123; Kia KK137-18-300, KK339-18-300; Mando AB150021; Marelli 063532619010; Mazda B359-18-300, B601-18-300, B601-18-300A, B601-18-300B, B601-18-300C, B603-18-300, B603-18-300A, B603-18-300A, B655-18-300, B655-18-300A, E357-18-300, F8B1-18-W35, JE07-18-300, JE15-18-W35A, N320-18-300, N326-18-300; Mitsubishi A001T02091, A001T02291, A001T02291ZC, A001T02292, A001T02292ZC, A001T04892, A001T04892ZC, A002T04474, A002T07577, A002T07577A, A002T07577B, A002T07577C, A002T07577D, A002T13571, A002T13571A, A002T13591, A002T17872, A002T47371, A002T47371A, A002T47474, A002T48176, A002T48176A, A002T48176B, A002T48195, A002T48195A, A002T48195B, A002T48472, A003T13571, A005T16741, A005T31971, A005T31971A, A005T32571, A007T20199, A880T47668, A880T47670, A880T48170; Nissan, Infiniti 23100-05P11, 23100-05P12, 23100-05P13, 23100-07F10, 23100-07F11, 23100-15P11, 23100-15P12, 23100-15P13, 23100-15P90, 23100-15P91, 23100-15P91R, 23100-15P92,
Other: 12481, 13259, 13266, 13292, 14655, 14700, 14725, 14902, 14903, 14910, 20485, 20955, 22751