Saturn Vue Starter Alternator Repair Options

Saturn Vue Alternator and Starter Repair Parts and Rebuild Kits. Select the Starter and/or Alternator Unit to see complete list of Rebuild Parts Materials for that Unit. Still do not see what you are looking for? Contact us page for fast reply. Thank You!
(For the service technician. Problems associated to problems with alternators and starters many times can be traced to malfunctions in wiring and other electrical accessories on a vehicle.  Using improper tools or procedures can result in personal injury and vehicle damage. Maniac Electric Motors will not be held liable for damages, expenses or other liabilities incurred from using these tips.)
The 2008 Saturn Vue’s System is designed for the backlight of the hazard and headlight switch to remain on for 10 minutes after the key is removed.    You must wait for this 10 minute shut down when diagnosing battery drain issue (parasitic drain).