Maniac Electric Motors

Cooling Fan Assemblies

The Cooling Fan Assembly is an essential part of a vehicle’s cooling system. It must complement the rest of the cooling system by efficiently cooling the radiator and/or condenser. A failure in the vehicle’s cooling system can result in engine overheat and may lead to permanent engine and/or transmission damage, resulting in thousands of dollars in repair costs. Why take risks with your cooling fan purchase?

TYC brand Cooling Fan motors use high grade ball bearings, magnets and carbon brushes. This combination allows our assemblies to be durable and dependable.

To ensure durability, each cooling fan design is run through accelerated tests like corrosion resistance, endurance, moisture, torsion and vibration. At TYC/Genera, every opportunity has been taken to build a replacement part that will install, perform and last and provide years of trouble-free use!

Blower Assembly

Maintaining warm or cool air circulating smoothly through a vehicle’s cabin is the key to passenger comfort. Manufactured to precision standards, a TYC brand Blower Assembly delivers the fit and quality you expect from the quality-driven reputation TYC/Genera has built.

Your new TYC brand Blower Assembly is designed specifically for your vehicle and is ready to be installed quickly and easily under the dash, into the ventilation module. To guarantee the quietest operation, the sound of the operating motor is also tested to ensure comfortable air movement without excessive noise.

TYC brand Blower Assemblies are your best choice in the market when it comes to fit, quality and reliability.

Window Regulators

Designed to OE specifications, down to mounting hooks, studs and cable ties; TYC Window Regulators are fully assembled motor/regulator units ready for hassle free, drop-in fit. At the core of the assembly is a highly reliable electric motor, each one designed to match OE in durability and power for your specific application and, with correct OE style connectors - no wire splicing is required.

TYC/Genera does not offer universal regulator motors; each regulator motor is designed for each specific application, drastically reducing install time and increasing reliability.

Choose the right Window Regulator; one that will provide you with years of maintenance free service. Select TYC brand Window Regulator motors feature our anti-pinch safety feature found on vehicles with one-touch, auto-up windows. The anti-pinch technology detects obstructions and lowers back down to prevent pinching - which may cause injury.

Remanufactured Alternator Starter

Maniac remanufactured starters and alternators utilize the newest OE technology improvements. Maniac units are designed to withstand the extreme electrical rigors demanded from today's vehicles. Every unit is 100% performance tested from component through final assembly to ensure dependable service and reliable performance.
•High performance components deliver reliable cranking and charging power
•Assembled with premium bushings, bearings, seals and lubricants
•Every component inspected to strict quality standards
•All sub-assemblies 100% tested
•Remanufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications
•Every unit is 100% performance tested
•Complete domestic and import

New Starter Alternator

A Full Range of Quality WPS Starters and Alternators

World Power Systems (WPS) brand starters and alternators for the automotive, heavy duty, Agricultural, Industrial, Forklift, Marine, power sports and outdoor power equipment aftermarkets offer customers the highest quality standards and reliability in the industry.

Features of WPS starters and alternators include:
• 100 percent new components
• Premium brand Transpo electronics used on all alternators, thus ensuring full OE functionality
• Premium grade WBD bearing used on all alternators to provide maximum life
• Manufactured using TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards
• 100 percent tested to meet/exceed OEM specifications