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We received an order on May 24th and all information matched and was not suspicious. On this same day, because of the activity on the card, Discovercard fraud department verified with the card holder that this order and probably other sales from other retailers were not authorized. The retailers were not notified. We shipped out the order the following day, not being aware of the fraud. On May 27th the same person placed an order using different billing information along with a different Discover card. Since that did seem suspicious I called Discovercard and also found out after I asked about this transaction not being authorized. It was already too late for us, the retailer, because we have shipped our inventory and paid for the shipping. I have emailed and phoned Discovercard many times since then about the bad business practice of not notifying retailers about fraudulent transactions when verified within such a time as to be able to stop the theft. As retailers we are also Discovercard customers.

I am just passed along and told that I need to verify suspicious transactions. I did exactly that. But what about transactions that are not suspicious and go through, I ask. And I am told that it wasnít known by them to be fraud until after they authorize the transaction and therefore can not warn the retailer, because it is too late.

It is never too late to make an effort and stop a thief. Some retailers have anywhere from 1 to 7 days before fully processing orders. How is it too late when they are aware on the same day that all posted transactions through the various retailers are not authorized.

If you see someone breaking into your neighbors house and loading up all your neighbors belongings into a truck, is it too late to call the police, since they are already in the house? You would notify the police and your neighbor.

Discovercard does not worry that the thief gets away with it. How many stolen card numbers does this guy have? They were not concerned with that. Discovercard does not care for my small businessesí inventory or shipping cost to reward this thief? Why let the thief get the rewards? It is simply because Card Processors will act on Discovercardís behalf and take all this money stolen from me and give it back to them. Also Card Processors will charge me for doing this.

Card Processors should have interest about these bad business practices. How many less hours would Card Processors deal with this same thing if retailers were made aware when the credit card companies verified unauthorized activity to cancel the transaction which is very often the same day. If it is too late and transactions have been processed then at least effort was made. Almost all cases of fraud are internet based orders with ample time to act to stop the actual theft.

Discover assumes no liability for this theft. All I have done is try to get an answer from them and they are not interested, because ultimately they are not concerned with the thieve, the theft, or the victim (retailer). Many great Credit Card protections are in place for card holders, it is time for protection for retailers.