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YANMAR MARINE 80 AMP ALTERNATOR 119573-77200, -77201, 129470-77200, LR180-03, A,B,C

80 Amp Alternator Rebuild Parts List for Yanmar Marine (LR180-03,A,B,C, 119573-77200, -77201, 129470-77200) - 12272N
80 Amp Alternator Rebuild Parts List for Yanmar Marine (LR180-03,A,B,C, 119573-77200, -77201, 129470-77200) - 12272N
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HITACHI \ VOLTAGE 12 \ AMPERAGE 80 \ ROTATION CW \ PULLEY DESIGN V1 / Hitachi LR180-03, LR180-03A, LR180-03B, LR180-03C

YANMAR Marine:
3JH2 3cyl Diesel 1991-1999
3JH2BE 3cyl Diesel 1991-1999
3JH2E 3cyl Diesel 1991-1999
3JH3 3cyl Diesel 1999-2003
3JH3E 3cyl Diesel
3JH3E-YEU 3cyl Diesel
3JH4E 3cyl, 100ci, 1.64L Diesel
3YM20 3cyl Diesel
3YM30 3cyl, 68ci, 1.116L Diesel
4JH-TE 4cyl Diesel
4JH2-CE 4cyl Diesel
4JH2-DTE 4cyl Diesel
4JH2-E 4cyl Diesel
4JH2-HTE 4cyl Diesel
4JH2-TE 4cyl Diesel
4JH2-UTE 4cyl Diesel
4JH3-CE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3-DTE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3-HTE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3-TCE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3-TE 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JH3E 4cyl Diesel 1994-2003
4JHE 4cyl Diesel
4LH-DTE 4cyl Diesel
4LH-HTE 4cyl Diesel
4LH-STE 4cyl Diesel
4LH-TE 4cyl Diesel
4LHA-DTE 4cyl Diesel
4LHA-DTZ 4cyl Diesel
4LHA-HTE 4cyl Diesel
4LHA-HTZE 4cyl Diesel
4LHA-STE 4cyl Diesel
4LHA-STZE 4cyl Diesel
6LY-ST 6cyl Diesel
6LY-STE 6cyl Diesel
6LY-STM 6cyl Diesel
6LY-STZY 6cyl Diesel
6LY-UT 6cyl Diesel
6LY-UTE 6cyl Diesel
6LY-UTM 6cyl Diesel
6LY-UTZY 6cyl Diesel
6LY2-STE 6cyl Diesel
6LYA-STE 6cyl Diesel
6LYA-UTE 6cyl Diesel
6LYM-STE 6cyl Diesel
6LYM-UTE 6cyl Diesel

Alternator Parts List for Hitachi LR180-03, LR180-03A, LR180-03B, LR180-03C, Yanmar 119573-77200, 119573-77201, 129470-77200

Materials List for LR180-03, LR180-03A, LR180-03B, LR180-03C

Bearing Retainer DE Housing 1 L150M14041
Bearing, Ball SRE Housing 1 53204 6201H
Bearing, Ball DE Housing 1 54700 6303BM
Brush 2 73042406 L225G1325
Brush Holder Assembly 1 L155G1330
Capacitor 1 L225-4318
Hardware Kit Rotor Shaft 1 L150-1810
Housing, DE 1 L235-34011
Housing, SRE 1 L180G13012
Housing, SRE 1 L180G63006
Kit, Alternator Repair 1 L150-28001
Lead 1 L225-2360
Pulley & Fan Kit 1 L180G85001
Rectifier 1 77041592 L180-8320
Regulator Repair Circuit 1 TR1Z63
Regulator, Electronic 1 80041508 L180G4315
Rotor 1 70045088 L180G6100
Screw Regulator Attaching 2 L135-13134
Stator 1 L180-1200
Thru Bolt DE Housing 4 L180-18015