M45 Starter Alternator Repair Options

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Infiniti M45 Alternator

2006-2010 V8 4.5L 4494cc MITSUBISHI A003TJ0591, A3TJ0591 #11316 203-5049
2003-2004 V8 4.5L 4500cc MITSUBISHI A003TG0391, A3TG0391 #11004 203-5074

Infiniti M45 tarter

2008-2010 V8 4.5L 4494cc AWD MITSUBISHI M002T85071, M2T85071 #19055 103-5262
2010 V8 4.5L 4494cc RWD PLGR, 10T MITSUBISHI M002T85772, M2T85772 #19121 103-080B
2008-2009 V8 4.5L 4494cc RWD MITSUBISHI M002T85771, M2T85771 #19040 103-080A
2006-2007 V8 4.5L 4494cc MITSUBISHI M002T85771, M2T85771 #19040 103-080A
2003-2004 V8 4.5L 4500cc MITSUBISHI M002T85171, M2T85171 #17864 103-080