But not the end of honor...

But not the end of honor...

We have outstanding customers who typically do not experience warranty claims for our products. For the most part, the small percentage who do experience claims or issues are happy with our service to help them and have been very honorable in the return of their merchandise from our past honor system. I say past honor system because of the nature of the few to damage the system by not honoring the return of our parts.

We continue to make easy options for handling claims. You can contact us for a return label. If you are in the US 48 Continental States we will email you a service label for replacing your failed unit once defective one received here.

Or you can make a replacement order and be refunded upon return of your defective unit. Just like regular orders, replacement orders for the US 48 States contain a return label for easily return.

All orders outside the 48 States buyers will be responsible for shipping charges.

We can no longer send multiple replacements before a mechanic properly diagnoses another issue that mimicks a starting or charging problem. Most orders that are experiencing trouble upon arrival are due to mis-diagnosed or overlooked installation problem.

Due to an overwhelming amount of improperly diagnosed issues with starting and charging systems we will normally require the order back for refund as this is much less costly than sending multiple warranty units for good and fully tested orders.