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Terminal Extension B+

B+ Terminal Extension for 3G and 6G Alternator Series, Ford XL1U-10329-AA, ALT-C-166 - 96505623
Item #:96505623
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Product Description
Black or Red, M6 x 1.0 x 61mm OAL, Ford 3G, 6G Series IR/IF Alternators, Battery // Replaces: Ford XL1U-10329-AA, ALT-C-166, Other: 452-14022, 46-2163


Ford (1999-2009) ** Lincoln (1999-2004) ** Mazda (2007-2009) ** Mercury (2004-2008)

Unit #s

Ford 2C3U-10300-CB, 2C3U-10300-CC, 2C3Z-10346-CA, 2C3Z-10346-CARM, 2C3Z-10346-CB, 2C3Z-10V346-CBRM, 2C3Z-10V346-CCRM, 2C3Z10V346CBRM, 2C6U-10300-BA, 2C6Z-10346-BA, 2C6Z-10346-BARM, 2C6Z-10V346-BBRM, 2L7U-10300-BA, 2L7U-10300-BB, 2L7Z-10346-BA, 2L7Z-10346-BARM, 2L7Z-10346-BB, 2L7Z-10V346-BBRM, 2R3U-10300-BA, 2R3V-10300-BA, 2R3Z-10346-BA, 2R3Z-10346-BB, 2R3Z-10V346-BARM, 2R3Z-10V346-BBRM, 2R3Z-10V346-BDRM, 3F2U-10300-AA, 3F2Z-10346-AA, 3L74-10300-AA, 3L74-10300-BA, 3L74-10300-BB, 3L74-10346-AA, 3L7Z-10346-AA, 3L7Z-10346-AARM, 3L7Z-10346-BA, 3L7Z-10346-BARM, 3L7Z-10V346-BBRM, 4U2Z-10V346-ALRM, 4U2Z-10V346-CCRM, 4U2Z-10V346-CLRM, 5L2T-10300-AA, 5L2Z-10346-AA, 6C35-10300-AA, 6C3T-10300-AA, 6C3Z-10346-A, 6C3Z-10346-AA, 6C3Z-10346-AARM1, 6C3Z-10V346-ABRM1, 6F2Z-10346-BA, 6F2Z-10346-BBRM, 6F2Z-10346-BCRM, 6F2Z-10V346-BBRM, 6L2T-10300-BA, 6L2Z-10346-BA, 6L2Z-10346-BARM, 6L2Z-10346-BARM1, 6U2Z-10V346-DJRM, F81U-10300-GA, F81Z-10346-GA, F81Z-10346-GARM, F81Z-10V346-GARM, F81Z-10V346-GBRM, XF2U-10300-BC, XF2U-10300-BD, XF2U-10300-BE, XF2Z-10346-BA, XF2Z-10346-BARM, XF2Z-10V346-BBRM, XL1U-10300-BB, XL1U-10300-BC, XL1U-10300-BD, XU2U-10300-AA, XU2U-10346-AA, XU2U-AA, XU2Z-10346-AA, XU2Z-10346-AARM, XU2Z-10346-AARM1, XU2Z-10346-AARM2; Ford Engineering 2C3U-CB, 2C3U-CC, 2C6U-BA, 2L7U-BA, 2L7U-BB, 2R3V-BA, 3F2U-AA, 3L74-AA, 3L74-BA, 3L74-BB, 4F23-AA, 5L2T-AA, 6C35-AA, 6L2T-BA, F81U-GA, RM6F2T-10300-BE, XF2U-BC, XF2U-BD, XF2U-BE, XL1U-BB, XL1U-BC, XL1U-BD; Mazda 1F72-18-300A, 1F72-18-300B, 1F72-18-300R0B; Original Reference Number 2R3U-BA, 6F2T-BB; Visteon AL, CT, CT, DE, FE, FJ, FL, FT, HA, HS
Other: 7799, 8253, 8267, 8303, 8304, 8305, 8311, 8317, 8408, 8429, 8519