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Regulator Replacing Ford VP4L1U-10C359-AA

Voltage Regulator with Brushes for FORD 6G 1L5U-AC, -AD, -AE, 2L7U-BA, -BB, 3L74-AA, -BA, -BB - 8050523a
Item #:8050523A
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Product Description
Voltage Regulator with Brushes for FORD 6G, Regulator goes to secondary regulation and turns on light with loss of sense (A)., With loss of light (I) connection, regulator continues to function but vehicle indicator light does not turn on., Design includes Field Current Limiting., Ford 6G Series IR/IF Alternators, 12 Volt, A-Circuit, I-FR-A Terminals, 14.4 Voltage Set Point, Original is Black w/ Black Cover // Replaces Ford VP4L1U-10C359-AA, VP4LIU-10C359-AA, Other: F08-22, T901, F606


Ford (2003-2004) Lincoln (2003-2004) Mazda (2001-2009)

Unit #s

Ford 1L5U-10300-AC, 1L5U-10300-AD, 1L5U-10300-AE, 1L5Z-10346-AA, 1L5Z-10346-AARM, 1L5Z-10V346-AARM, 1L5Z-10V346-ABRM, 2L7U-10300-BA, 2L7U-10300-BB, 2L7Z-10346-BA, 2L7Z-10346-BARM, 2L7Z-10346-BB, 2L7Z-10V346-BBRM, 3L74-10300-AA, 3L74-10300-BA, 3L74-10300-BB, 3L74-10346-AA, 3L7Z-10346-AA, 3L7Z-10346-AARM, 3L7Z-10346-BA, 3L7Z-10346-BARM, 3L7Z-10V346-BBRM, 4U2Z-10V346-CCRM, 6L5T-10300-AA, 6L5Z-10346-AA, 6L5Z-10346-AARM, 6L5Z-10346-ABRM, 6L5Z-10346-ABRM, 6U2Z-10V346-DJRM; Ford Engineering 1L5U-AC, 1L5U-AD, 1L5U-AE, 2L7U-BA, 2L7U-BB, 3L74-AA, 3L74-BA, 3L74-BB; Mazda 1F70-18-300, 1F70-18-300A, 1F70-18-300R00; Visteon DN, DN, FL, FT, HS
Other: 8265, 8303, 8305, 8518