Valeo Brand OEM Voltage Regulator 593368

Valeo Brand OEM Voltage Regulator 593368 - 80084034
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Product Description

Valeo Brand Voltage Regulator 593368
Notes / Dimensions :
OEM(s): Valeo, Volkswagen
Voltage: 12
Set Point: 14.7
Terminal ID: Light-Frequency // L, DFM
Polarity: Negative
Includes Brush Holder?: Yes
Activation: Ignition
Adjustable?: No
Circuit Type: B-Circuit
Application: Valeo Alternators on Audi & Volkswagen Applications
Replaces / Interchanges
Valeo: 2542292 2542292c 2542332 2542334 2547814c 593368 593371 593392 593426 593455 593480 593522 593813 593941 ym16 ym1638p ym1661vf4 ym1672vfp1 ym1687vfp1 ym2660vp2f yr1616vfp1
Other 059903803D, 38008-4034, 231103, 80PR-128, 130730, 130731, 593368, 595229, YM1631VF3, YM166VF4, AVPR-4034, W082-26N, M547, VRG46524, Z8008-4034
Maniac #s
11019, 11070, 11149, 11161, 13852, 13946, 13947, 21473, 21488, 22911, 23204, 23355, 23357, 23362, 23914, 23950
OEM Unit Numbers
Audi, Volkswagen 030-903-023J, 030-903-023L, 030-903-023M, 030-903-023N, 036-903-024H, 036-903-024L, 036-903-026A, 036-903-026C, 037-903-025P, 038-903-023Q, 038-903-023R, 038-903-023S, 038-903-023SX, 038-903-024C, 038-903-024E, 038-903-024G, 038-903-024GX, 03C-903-023B, 03C-903-023C, 03C-903-023G, 047-903-015X, 059-903-023A, 06A-903-023, 06A-903-026A, 06B-903-016AC, 06B-903-018G, 06B-903-018H, 06B-903-019G, 06C-903-016B, 06D-903-016, 06F-903-023B, 06F-903-023C, 06F-903-023CX, 06F-903-023E, 06F-903-023H, 078-903-016AB, 078-903-016AC, 078-903-016R, 078-903-016S, 078-903-018AX, 078-903-018X, 4Z7-903-015
Valeo: 2542225 2542227 2542232 2542233 2542239 2542250 2542295 2542496 2542497 2542507 2542508 2542546 2542680 2542738 2542739 SG12B010 SG12B011 SG12B016 SG12B018 SG12B049 SG12B054 SG12B074 SG12B075 SG14B011 SG14B012 SG14B016 SG9B010 SG9B011 SG9B017 SG9B042

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