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P-D Voltage Regulator Replacing Mitsubishi A866X35472

Voltage Regulator P-D for Mitsubishi Alternators (replacing  A866X35472) - 80033078
Voltage Regulator P-D for Mitsubishi Alternators (replacing  A866X35472) - 80033078
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Product Description

Voltage Regulator, Electronic

Critical Notes: To Avoid Regulator Damage Consult Test Equipment Manufacturer for the Proper Procedure for Testing P-D Type Regulators
For Units on : Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi
Voltage: 12
Set Point: 14.5
Terminal ID: Phase-Driver
Polarity: Negative
Includes Brush Holder / Brushes ?: Yes
Activation: Ignition
Adjustable?: No
24mm Brush Ring // Cross Reference: A866X35472, VRH2009-66, IM345
Application: Mitsubishi Alternators on Kia & Mazda Applications
FP34-18-300 FP34-18-300A FP34-18-300B FPG6-18-300 FS1E18-300C LF1F18-300 LF50-18-300 LF50-18-300A N3H1-18-300 N3H1-18-300A Z599-18-300B Z599-18-300C Z599-18-300E Z5A1-18-300 Z601-18-300 ZJ01-18-300 ZJ10-18-300A ZJ10-18-300B A002TB0091 A002TB0091A A002TB0091B A002TB0191 A002TB0191A A002TB0191B A002TB2391 A002TB7791 A002TC0091 A003TB0991 A003TB5191 A003TG1291 A003TG1291A A003TG1391 A003TG1391A A003TG1691 A003TG2881 A003TG2881A A003TG4791 A2TB0091 A2TB0091A A2TB0091B A2TB0191 A2TB0191A A2TB0191B A2TB2391 A2TB7791 A2TC0091 A3TB0991 A3TB5191 A3TG1291 A3TG1291A A3TG1391 A3TG1391A A3TG1691 A3TG2881 A3TG2881A A3TG4791 A642X51670 A642X51770 A642XA2170 A642XA5270 A642XB7270 A642XC2770 A642XD0370 A642XD3570 A642XD4470 A642XD6170 A642XD6870 A642XF1470