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68mm OD 6 Groove Pulley

Pulley, 6 Groove Serpentine for Ford Application 79502256
Item #:79502256
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Product Description

Alternator Pulley Specs

For Ford
ID: 17mm
OD: 68.1mm
Thickness: 31.4mm
Center of Rear Groove to Rear of Pulley: 9.4mm
Pulley Grooves: 6 Groove Type: Serpentine, Solid Serpentine Grooves OD: 63.6mm Nut Recess Depth: 15.2mm


Ford: E8DF-10A352-B2A, E8DZ-10344-B, F09F-10A352-AA, F09Z-10344-A, GP648, GP669 E8DF10A352, E8DZ10344B, F07Z10344A, F09F10A352AA, F09Z10344A, FO9F10A352AA, FO9Z10344A Other 24-2256(old), 206-14004

Unit #s

Ford D8VF-10300-BA, E8DF-10300-CA, E8DZ-10300-B, E8PF-10346-BA, E8PZ-10346-B, E9DF-10300-EA, E9PF-10346-DA, E9PZ-10346-E, E9PZ-10346-ERM, F09F-10300-AA, F09F-10300-BA, F0DU-10300-DA, F0PF-10346-AA, F0PF-10346-BA, F0PU-10346-RA, F0PZ-10346-A, F0PZ-10346-ARM, F0PZ-10346-ARM1, F0PZ-10346-B, F0PZ-10346-BRM, FOPZ-10346-A, FOPZ-10346-ARM, FOPZ-10346-ARM1, FOPZ-10346-B, FOPZ-10346-BRM, FOPZ-10346-BRM1, D8VF-BA, E8DF-CA, E8DZ-B, E9DF-EA, F09F-AA, F09F-BA, F0DU-DA, Other: 7705-9, 7742, 7746-2