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Pulley Replacing C5TZ10344J, C5TZ10344L, GP420, GP422, GP466, GP471

Pulley, 2 V Belt Grooves,  17mm ID, 82.6mm OD for Ford Alternators
Item #:79401107
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Product Description
Alternator Pulley
ID: 0.669in / 17mm
OD: 3.252in / 82.6mm
Belt Width: 0.512in / 13mm
Thickness: 1.587in / 40.3mm
Center to Center of Grooves: 0.669in / 17mm
Center of Rear Groove to Rear of Pulley: 0.528in / 13.4mm
Pulley Grooves: 2
Groove Type: V-Groove
Nut Recess Depth: 0.843in / 21.4mm
Pulley Type: Solid

Unit #s
Delco 10459519; Denso 021000-7410, 021000-7420, 021000-8741, 021000-8750, 021000-8751, 100211-0070, 100211-0071, 100211-0080, 100211-0081, 100211-0280, 100211-0281, 100211-0290, 100211-0291, 100211-0292, 100211-0790; Ford D5AF-10300-JA, D7AF-10300-JA, D8BF-10346-AA, D8BF-10346-BA, D8VF-10346-AA, D8ZF-10300-EA, D9BZ-10346-A, D9BZ-10346-B, D9HT-10300-DA, D9HT-10300-EA, D9UF-10300-AA, E0SF-10300-AA, E1BF-10300-AA, E1BF-10346-AA, E1BF-10346-BA, E1HT-10300-AA, E1HT-10300-BA, E1ZF-10300-CA, E1ZF-10300-DA, E37F-10300-BA, E3ZF-10300-BA, E3ZF-10300-EA, E4TF-10300-AA, E4TF-10300-BA; Ford Engineering D5AF-JA, D7AF-JA, D8ZF-EA, D9HT-DA, D9HT-EA, D9UF-AA, E0SF-AA, E1BF-AA, E1HT-AA, E1HT-BA, E1ZF-CA, E1ZF-DA, E37F-BA, E3ZF-BA, E3ZF-EA, E4TF-AA, E4TF-BA; Jeep-Eagle 8126436; John Deere AR87204, AR87205, AR887204, AR93447, AR93448, AT103789, AT103798, SE501363, SE501363, SE501363, TY6621