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Alternator Pulley, 6-Grooves, Clutch Style for Hitachi, 17mm ID, 56.4mm OD - 79044013

Clutch Pulley 79044013

Item #:79044013
Your Price:$44.00

Product Description
6 Groove Clutch Pulley
For Hitachi Alternators : Hitachi LR1100-734, LR1100-734B, LR1100-734C, LR1110-713C, LR1110-713V, LR1110-724, LR1110-724B, LR1110-724BR, LR1110-724C, LR1110-726, LR1110-726E; Nissan, Infiniti 23100-8J000, 23100-AU400, 23100-AU40D, 23100-EA000, 23100-EA00A, 23100-EA00AR, 23100-EA00B, 23100-ZB000, 23100-ZB00A, 23100-ZB00B, 23100-ZB00CRE; Suzuki 31400-82Z00, 31400-82Z01

ID: 0.669in / 17mm
OD: 2.22in / 56.4mm
Serpentine Grooves OD: 2.047in / 52mm
Thickness: 1.581in / 40.16mm
Thread Size: M16-1.5
Center of Rear Groove to Rear of Pulley: 0.512in / 13mm
Pulley Grooves: 6

Replaces / Cross reference: Hitachi GD216009, GD216009-2, GD216009-3, GD216009-9, GD216009-A, L1100G-7500, L1110G-25001, L1110G-7500, INA Bearing Co 535 0044 10, F-232288, F-232288.01, F-232288.02, F-232288.03, F-232288.1, F-232288.2, F-232288.3, Nissan, Infiniti 23151-6N200, 23151-6N20A, 23151-6N20B Other: 24-81107, 24-81107-3, 24-81107-7, 206-44000, 206-44001, 206-44002
Requires Special Tool for Removal / Installation


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