1995-99 Legacy Regulator, Rectifier, Brushes

Alternator Kit for 1995-99 Legacy Regulator, Rectifier, Brushes - 77041547c
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Product Description

Alternator Kit Specs

Regulator, Rectifier, Brush Holder Assy
114mm OD Rectifier, M6 x 1.0 x 8mm Batt. Terminal , 8-30A press-fit diodes
Due to the connection to the Regulator, the Rectifier design, has a different Lead Frame and cannot be used to interchange parts. This is sold as an assembly only.
12 Volt, A-Circuit, S-L Terminals, 14.3 Voltage Set Point


Hitachi GD215142-B, L185G-2308, Subaru 23813-AA001, Other: 48-8102


Subaru (1996-1999)

Unit #s

Hitachi LR185-702, LR185-702SR; Subaru 23700-AA211, 23700-AA211F, 23700-AA34A, 23700-AA34ARA
Other: 13645