Contact for Hitachi Solenoid Repair - 6704440

Contact for Hitachi Solenoid Repair

Item #:6704440
Your Price:$7.50

Product Description

Movable Contact Assembly, Repair Solenoids
for Hitachi DD, OSGR Starters

Notes / Dimensions / Application :
Used in 66044423, 66044401, 66044417, 66044400, 66044403, 66044404, 66044490, 66044406, 66044457, 66044411, 66044496, 66044463, 66044508 solenoids
Maniac #s
16209, 16211, 16589, 16735, 16740, 16771, 16809, 16911, 16954, 16997, 17087, 17090, 18066, 18067, 18201, 18205, 18206, 18208, 18211, 18218, 18289, 18291, 18321, 18324, 18492, 18492C, 18493, 18493C
Unit's Original Equipment #s
D9NN11000AA SBA185086050 SBA185086051 SBA185086052 SBA185086141 SBA185086221 SBA185086321 SBA185086350 S114-103 S114-103K S114-103L S114-103M S114-103N S114-103P S114-140 S114-141 S114-146 S114-149 S114-151 S114-151L S114-156 S114-156A S114-160 S114-160A S114-160B S114-160C S114-160D S114-160E S114-160F S114-160G S114-161 S114-161B S114-161E S114-161F S114-162 S114-162A S114-162B S114-162C S114-162D S114-163 S114-163A S114-163B S114-163E S114-163F S114-164 S114-164A S114-170 S114-170B S114-170E S114-170F S114-173 S114-173B S114-180 S114-180B S114-180D S114-180E S114-180F S114-180G S114-180M S114-181 S114-182 S114-182B S114-182E S114-182F S114-182G S114-202 S114-202A S114-203 S114-206 S114-207 S114-208 S114-208A S114-208B S114-208C S114-208E S114-208F S114-210 S114-218A S114-219 S114-229 S114-229E S114-229F S114-230 S114-230A S114-232 S114-232A S114-235 S114-235A S114-235B S114-237 S114-247 S114-247A S114-247B S114-247C S114-252 S114-252A S114-252B S114-252C S114-252E S114-252F S114-253 S114-253A S114-253B S114-254 S114-254A S114-254B S114-254C S114-254D S114-255 S114-255A S114-257 S114-257G S114-258 S114-258A S114-264 S114-264A S114-268 S114-269 S114-290 S114-290A S114-290B S114-296 S114-296A S114-298 S114-301 S114-304 S114-305 S114-322 S114-322A S114-322B S114-332 S114-340 S114-340D S114-341 S114-344 S114-344E S114-347 S114-349 S114-349A S114-349B S114-350 S114-351 S114-357 S114-357A S114-357B S114-357C S114-359 S114-370 S114-370A S114-374 S114-374A S114-374B S114-381 S114-393 S114-403 S114-403B S114-433 S114-440 S114-441 S114-441A S114-441B S114-442 S114-442A S114-446 S114-459 S114-475 S114-475A S114-483 S114-483A S114-606 S114-606A S114-606B S114-608 S114-608A S114-608B S114-608C S114-608D S114-625 S114-625A S114-625B S12-19 S12-19C S12-19K S12-19KB S12-58 S12-62 S12-63A S12-63B S12-63C S12-68 S12-68A S12-68B S12-68D S12-77 S12-77A S12-81 S12-82 S13-123 S13-14 S13-211 S13-24A S13-27 S13-28 S13-31 S13-32 S13-32A S13-33 S13-33A S13-33B S13-34 S13-34A S13-40 S13-40A S13-40B S13-41 S13-41A S13-41B S13-41C S13-41D S13-45 S13-45A S13-45B S13-46 S13-47 S13-47A S13-48 S13-49 S13-49A S13-50 S13-50A S13-55 S13-56 S13-56A S13-60 S13-61 S13-61A S13-63 S13-65 S13-65B S13-74 S13-78 S13-84 S13-84A S13-84B S13-89 S13-89A S13-89B

Starters & Alternators that may interchange may have different internal components. Please match your Starter or Alternator to the 'Unit Nos', 'Manufacturer Nos", and dimension notes from the above chart to insure proper fit of your component part. All component parts must be verified through description and/or cross reference before purchase. No returns on component parts. Exchanges only for like item during the 1 year warranty. You will not be responsible for errors in our listing. If you believe there is an error in our listing and need to return your component part please email pictures of your unit and picture including manufacturer number for a return authorization #. Order the complete unit if unsure on how to install component part, or not sure cause of failure to alternator. Alternators have more than just these parts that can cause failure. We can not provide technical assistance for your rebuilding project.


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