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Solenoid  Mitsuba Starters on M/T Honda Prelude & Accord - 66919103

1992-95 Prelude 2.3L M/T Starter Solenoid

Item #:66919103
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Product Description

Starter Solenoid for Mitsuba

Voltage: 12 Number of Terminals: 3 Application:
1990-1993 Honda Accord 2.2L M/T with Mitsuba Starter Optoin
1992-1995 Honda Prelude 2.3L M/T

Replaces Mitsuba & Competitive Solenoid #'s
10-MA180, 10-MA182, 10-MA184, 7-694, SMU6002, A747025, 245-54007, MS2-6003N, MS2-6003N-1, 12382V, ZM607, RA5105, W455-70, 66-8503, 66-8503-1, MA380

OE Unit # Where Used

Acura 31200-PV0-J02
Honda 31200-PK2-006, 31200-PK2-016, 31200-PK2-026, 31200-PK2-307, 31200-PT0-005, 31200-PT0-015, 31200-PT1-T03, 31200-PT1-T04, PV4
Mitsuba SM302-22, SM402-04, SM402-04N, SM402-05, SM402-05N, SM402-06N, SM402-11, SM402-11N, SM402-12, SM402-12N, SM402-25N

Maniac #'s 16975, 17160, 17205, 17433

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