Starter Solenoid for Hitachi Starters Replacing 2114-17005, 2114-17505, 2114-37602, 2114-47005, 23343M4900,  Nissan 23343-04E00 - 66044423

Solenoid for Hitachi, 12 Volt, 3 Terminals

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Product Description

Starter Solenoid for Hitachi starter
Notes / Dimensions / Application :
12 Volt, 3-Terminal Hitachi OSGR Starters
John Deere Agricultural Tractor 5045D 3.029 PowerTech, 3cyl. 179 CI Turbo Dsl. 2008-2014

Replaces: Hitachi 2114-17005, 2114-17505, 2114-37504, 2114-37505, 2114-37602, 2114-57503, 2114-57508, GD208457-A, Ishikawajima 185816111, Nissan, Infiniti 23343-04E00, 23343-04E01, 23343-36A00, 23343-36A01, 23343-M4900, 23343-V5301 Unit Nos: Ford SBA-18508-6170, SBA18508-6170, SBA18508-6221; Hitachi PP106, PP106, PP106, S114-252, S114-252A, S114-252B, S114-252C, S114-252E, S114-252F, S114-253, S114-253A, S114-253B, S114-254, S114-254A, S114-254B, S114-254C, S114-254D, S114-255, S114-255A, S114-257, S114-257G, S114-258, S114-258A, S114-258C, S114-264, S114-264A, S114-265, S114-268, S114-322B, S114-332, S114-344, S114-344E, S114-347, S114-349, S114-349A, S114-349B, S114-374, S114-374A, S114-374B, S114-393, S114-393A, S114-393AR, S114-403, S114-403B, S114-440, S114-441, S114-441A, S114-441B, S114-483, S114-483A, S13-132, S13-56, S13-56A; Ishikawajima 18508-6170, 18508-6221, 185086200; Massey Ferguson 3435-016-M91; New Holland SBA18508-6221; Nissan, Infiniti 23300-04E00, 23300-04E01, 23300-05P01, 23300-36A00, 23300-37A00, 23300-37A01, 23300-37A02, 23300-D0300, 23300-D0301, 23300-H9100, 23300-H9101, 23300-M4900, 23300-M4901, 23300-M4902, 23300-M4903, 23300-M4904, 23300-N5900, 23300-N5901, 23300-N5902, 23300-N5902, 23300-N5903, 23300-R2000, 23300-R2002, 23300-U7500, 23300-U7502, 23300-V5300, 23300-V5301, 23300-V5302, 23300-Y7000, 23300-Y7001, 23300-Y7002; Prestolite 20513065, 20513065; Toyosha 3601-8501-01, 5601-8501-00; Yanmar 121256-77011, 124976-77010, 124976-77011, 129573-77010, 171008-77010

Maniac #s:

** No Return on component Parts or rebuild kits- Exchange only for components for 1 year warranty time

Starters & Alternators that may interchange may have different internal components. Please match your Starter or Alternator to the 'Unit Nos', 'Manufacturer Nos", and dimension notes from the above chart to insure proper fit of your component part.

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